The Oromo/ Ethiopian Political Dilemma- Kassim Sheimo-Dubbisuun waliif daddabarsaa!!

The Oromo/ Ethiopian Political Dilemma- Kassim Sheimo

Our country and its people are going through difficult times as the TPL regime intensifies its grip on power regardless of resistant it faces from not just Oromo people but also from other nation and nationalities in Ethiopia. The odd TPLF tribalism, nepotistic, and selfish behavior nurtured for the rise of the current political situation that engulfing the country. The past and current political clout in Ethiopia is the main cause of generational political, economic, and social marginalization of Oromo people and other nation and nationalities in the country. More than century old injustices and miseries have caused anxiety, fear, grievance, and resentment among the majority of Ethiopian people. In history of Ethiopia, there is no time these tribal regimes left unchallenged. The TPLF regime is no exceptions.  On many occasions people revolted against such alien power that keep looting the Oromo resources. From time to time many forms of resistant emerged, some grow to full fledged organized political organization while some of them were either transformed into smaller splinters or just disappeared and died out. What is fundamentally unchanged however is or even has been energized is the people’s determination to be free from alien power that is savagely ruling the country with iron fist. The bloody 2016 year long tumultuous Oromo resistance in which thousands of innocent people perished with almost 50 thousands of them illegally detained and being tortured shows the level of cruelty of the TPLF regime that has no regards to human life. The TPLF brutal response has terrorize millions of people, resulted in the death of thousands of innocent people that were savagely murdered in military executions style in their own villages and towns while countless of other Oromo subjects have been suffering from the physical and psychological trauma they sustained as of reign of TPLF kidnapping and torture have been intensified. Unfortunately the diaspora Oromo that is suppose to be the backbone of the Oromo resistance remained divided, polarized, and bickering for dominance as unfolding tragedy is spinning out of control bringing the prospect of civil war more of reality. The diaspora Oromo political originations inability to compromise and get their act together and also their inability to reach out to other nation and nationalities in forging unity in challenging the TPLF hegemony have created highly volatile Horn of Africa’s future very uncertain. All we are witnessing is the negative campaign; infighting; unnecessary rhetoric, and relenting attacks against each other using invisible smoking guns trying annihilated each other. The rises of locality and tribal influences in Oromo comps are worry some.
The ethnic cleaning and genocides that have consumed the lives 10th thousands of people and displaced millions more in the newly born neighboring country to our West flank, the Southern Sudan, its civil war can tell us about the impending ethnic tension and possible civil war in large scale unless the politician be smart and learn working together to avert TPLF invested time bombs. The Western diplomatic, financial, political support to the Sothern Sudanese government couldn’t even stoppped the devastating civil wars and genocides tearing apart the country. Many are now wondering whether separating from the North Sudanese was wrong thing to do in the first place and costing them the current unfolding tragic civil war. I believe that the Southern Sudanese crises hold some fact about what may be happening in Ethiopia.
As we know Ethiopia is built on single ethnic dominance of either Amhara or Tigre in highly diverse country with almost 80 different ethnic groups, with at times deep-rooted rivalry, hatred, and suspiciousness that was made to flourish by Ethiopian regimes including the current TPLF that is using divide and rule method can easily trigger the major conflicts. The solution we are offering for chronic political problems in Ethiopia is not an easy one; it may even be unpopular among my Oromo compatriots, politicians, and activists. But I believe it is the right thing to say at the right time. Therefore, in my opening disintegrating Ethiopia as some suggested don’t bring the lasting political solution nor bring prosperity to the region nor serves the interest of Oromo people. Reaching out to others and working together for a common goals doesn’t mean that we as an Oromo compromise on our interest including to    guarantee that the Oromo resources belongs to Oromo, our language be the national language, and at the same time respecting the right of others. When Cynicism and pessimism is the defining trait in politics, they are the recipes for disaster. Therefore, to shorten the life of the current fascist TPLF regime and prevent the remnant of the past autocratic regime from exploiting the current vacuum to their advantage, we should be able to come up with smart policy, take diversity as strength not weakness; choose diversity over division, hope over fear, rational dialogue over demagogue ideologies, and lain down a policy that is fair and acceptable to all stake holders.
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