Conflicts in Oromo activists, past behavior is best predictor of future behavior. By GiDira Vs EbiSa

Conflicts in Oromo activists, past behavior is best predictor of future behavior.

By GiDira Vs EbiSa

Unity camp stole current social media attentions. Our activists have turned gear over responding to belie than fighting each other. I am not fan of seeing our activists wasting time and energy on them. However, I have to admit, I am relieved to see furious accusations and counter attacks subsided. What was seen on social media, throughout last week, was appalling and it warrant saying a word or few. Having everyone austere, it is possible to see problems with better perspective, specially so before heading to Atlanta’s convention.

I have seen many people down playing the situation as having no impact on Oromo cause, or as some inevitable occurrences between working people. I disagree with that. I argue that it is not heathy behaviors and it will have counter effect on Oromo causes. Several reasons can be showcased, for this to be the case, but I will mention three main one. First, because of its timing and message it sends to Oromo youth. Second, because of our track record of disagreeing on almost everything. Third, our failure to acknowledge the seriousness of the problem and not trying to seek solutions to it.

Before I go further, I want to state disclaimer that I am not siding with any one group or individuals. I am as much appalled by those who came public as those who said to have caused the problems. Failure to find compromises on issues that affect the life of others is failure for all parties involved. Leaders who can’t overcome personal ego is doomed to fail leading.

I also want to discaim my loony friends who want to predict repeat during upcoming conventions. It is my sincere wish these won’t happen. However, as the saying goes, past behavior is good predictor of future behavior. It is better to be on a look out. In fact, these is the reason why I want to reflect on the situation.

I want to make it clear that I am not against having disagreements. Anyone who work together can have disagreements. What I am against is the way disagreements were handled and failing to resolve disagreements amicably. Back and forth accusations and revealing private conversations on public is disappointing.

In fact, it is more than disappointing. It is so agonizing that I want to call on everyone who caused this controversy and cuss the heck out of them. But then, I said what good does that makes. Somehow, these are people whom many of us have vested hope to bring about change. Instead, I decided to swallow my anguish and present reasons why this kind of behavior should never be repeated.

First, the timing is bad. As compared to challenges Oromo people face, such kind of disagreement can be considered trivial. Today, Oromos in Oromia are living in complete state of terror. Thousands of Oromo children, men and women, were faced with killings, tortures and arrests. It is a matter of life and death. Young people look up to these activists to champion their voices and to reflect on their commitments. For youth to see activists failing to resolve minor disagreements and to engage on counter behavior is disheartening. It can shatter their hope to have bright future.

The timing is also wrong because the whole world is watching the unfolding reality in Ethiopia. Oromos are the core center of current crisis. Friends and foes are watching how Oromos behave during such vital time and the actions they take to bring sustainable changes in the country.

Second, track record indicate that Oromos are fated for divisions and weaknesses. It has become a slippery slope, that for the last three decades, almost all sort of organizations stablished to serve interest of Oromo have seen chopped into pieces. These divisions and weaknesses are not limited to Oromo activists or political Organizations. It is also rampant in Oromo communities and religious organizations. DIvission and weaknesses engulfed Oromos in every corner. Anyone can bear witness how alarming these divisions and weaknesses have gotten into anything of Oromo.

The infighting and disagreements are not one time incident or recent phenomenon. If our memory serve us better, the same situations happened during OMN inaugurations and later, during break up of OMN Board of trustee. Vicious and disgraceful attacks and character assassinations were held among each other. Private emails and phone conversations were revealed to public. Oromo activists publicly and privately tried to destroy each other.

Emotional and moral trauma we all went through during that time were un imaginable. Financial and organizational impact it left behind on OMN is yet to be examined. Going forward as if infighting is the usual business among Oromo society need to be broken
It is responsibility of every Oromo to try to break the trend. More so for those activists to play major role in curbing the ever-declining unity among our society. To be seen engaged on this kind of behavior will not help stop the trend. Instead, it signifies the behavior as a norm. More alarming is the fact that same individuals who blamed to have caused previous problems are playing role in current situations. It is disappointing to see these individuals failing overcome personal egos. Especially when millions of Oromos vested hope these individuals will lay foundation for tolerance, understanding and inclusiveness.

The third and main reason why I want to reflect on this topic is because no one seems to have said a word about it. Many of us were detested by the situation but few people come public agains it. It needs to be detested so that it won’t happen again, or at least, people reconsider rushing public on defaming each other. It has become apparent few individuals dictate what ought to be talked in our discourse.

Finally, it is my wish to see people who can work on Oromo’s conflict resolutions. People who are independent and autonomous to resolve conflicts without taking sides.
Again, this is my reflection. If I stepped on you, suck it up and move on.

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