OROMIA: THE ESCALATION OF GENOCIDE: Bulbulaa Tufaa ( Member of Gadaa Meelbaa) The Root of the Genocide

Bulbulaa Tufaa ( Member of Gadaa Meelbaa)

The Root of the Genocide

The agenda of Atse Yohanes of Tigray-Abyssinia had been the eradication of the people he/they call “Galla” and the killing of any person who followed Islam as a religion. This was in the 19th century. Fortunately, Yohanes was killed at the hands of the Muslims he intended to eradicate. Before his death, this man had massacred thousands of Oromos in Raayyaa and Wallo alone. Following the footsteps of Atse Yohannes, Tigrean leaders, who are ruling Oromia and the rest of Ethiopia today, are waging untold war of genocide against the Oromos. It is quite enough to witness what they did on the 2nd of October 2016 at Bishooftuu. Besides using life bullets, the Tigrean-led Ethiopian regime, dropped bombs from the air on millions of Oromos who came to celebrate the Irreecha national festival, held every year on the shore of Lake Hora. More than 800 people were killed, hundreds were injured, and unknown numbers were missing. They did what fascist leaders are expected to do.

The agenda of genocide didn’t end with the death of Yohannes nor with the coming of TPLF-leaders to the colonial city do they call Addis Ababa. After Yohannes’s death, the genocide agenda was enthusiastically overtaken by Minilk of Showa Amhara.

From now onwards, we Oromos, as one family of nation, should not bypass, ignore or hide our luxurious or ordeal histories we have had with the Abyssinians for temporary gains. Yes, what Tewodros and Yohanes had started earlier, Minilik was able to consolidate it in a hot iron pot. In this hot pot, assisted by Western colonial powers of those days (France, Britain, Italy), he invented a destructive weapon called “Ethiopia”. Inheriting this destructive weapon, Minlik’s successors have been constantly applying multiple forms of genocide on the Oromos. Among the multiple forms:

1. Calculated physical destruction,
2. Maliciously and meticulously devised cultural and spiritual destruction,
3. Disseminating virulent psychological wars that have had an effective power of twisting innocent Oromo minds against their own natural growth.

Through time, however, the inventors of the destructive Ethiopia were becoming aware of the forthcoming challenges they would come to confront; that, how engaging themselves on physical destruction alone was not practically possible. Then, tutored by western political advisors (mainly from Britain after the Italian war was over; some of them are still alive), they architected a policy of destructive assimilation and twisted polarisation.

The new tactic was aiming at indigenous Oromo institutions to destroy: The Gadaa democratic institution, indigenous Oromo religious institution (the worship of One Supreme Being, Waaqa, as against the worship of medley of Saints) the Jaarsummaa and gumaa conflict resolution and peace restoration institutions etc. They believe that, unless these institutions are eradicated or totally dominated, one day, Oromummaa could erupt out of its heart and destroy the imposed Ethiopianism. For instance, the Irreecha annual festival had been prohibited by Minilk, followed by Haile Sellasie and the Dergue regime. However, we haven’t yet officially heard the official killing of Oromos at this sacred place. Now, we heard and saw when the barbarous TPLF-led Tigrean Ethiopian regime is officially killing.
An Attempt to confiscate Irreecha

Initially, the Tigrean Ethiopian regime at Arat Kilo had attempted to prohibit the Irreecha ceremony but with no avail. When it recognised its impossibility, the leaders wanted to confiscate Irreecha using OPDO leaders as a tool. The aim was to make a Tigrean dominated fake festival.

When the attempt was totally rejected by the Oromos, the Tigrean leaders failed into a ditch of desperation. Thereafter, they began to imprison distinguished activists of the festival, banned the Matcha-Tulma Self-Help Association, and liquidated the Waaqeffannaa religious association. They looted and confiscated their properties. But they couldn’t loot and ban the spirit of Oromummaa. It rather vigorously reignited the spirit of the Oromos.

Murdering the Oromo Masses

Annually, at the end of the rainy season, Oromo men, women, youths, and elders are coming from all corners of Oromo land to Bishooftuu in millions. They offer thanks to their Creator Who helped them pass from the ‘dark’ rainy season to the bright sunny season in peace. They celebrate the beauty of their unity in colourful diversity. Bishooftuu has become the 21stcentury of the 16th century Walaabu, the cradle of the then Qeerroo Oromoo generation who heroically marched on the invading enemies and liberated their fatherland.

Out of desperation, on the 2nd of October 2016, the TPLF-led Ethiopian regime showed, in daylight, its fascistic nature by dropping bombs and spraying poison gases from helicopter gunship, firing life ammunition from heavy mounted guns against millions of people who have come to celebrateIrreecha.(https://www.oromiamedia.org/2016/10/03/gabaasa-addaa-ajjeechaa-irreecha-hora-harsadee-bushooftuu-ilaalchisee-onk-02-2016/)

In spite of all these facts, the TPLF leaders, through their macro phone, named Hailemariam Desalegn, blatantly denied the firing of a single bullet against the masses. He disdainfully said, “Some people died of the stampede, not of a single bullet.” Even if the people died of the stampede, how did it come to happen? As usual, the factory of liars in Addis Ababa (Finfinnee) produced and delivered, through the mouth of the ‘macro phone’, what has never happened in the history of Irreecha celebration. However, to cheat the world, they are desperately dodging lies up and down but realities cannot be dodged.
Stay Being an Oromo for the Oromo

Before the advent of TPLF-led Ethiopian regime, the Amhara dominated empire of Ethiopia had been using some loyalist and assimilated Oromos as war generals and civil servants. Foot soldiers had been largely conscripted from among the defeated and colonised Oromo population as expendable cannon fodders and mine wipers. During the Dergue regime, as one General told me, seventy percent of Hailesellasie’s bodyguard (Kibur Zebenya) was conscripted from the Oromoo population which was the internal policy of the regime. They died in Korea, in the Congo, in Ogadenia, in Eritrea. What the Oromos gain from Ethiopia was/is nothing but only physiological and psychological death.

Even today, there are some Oromo ‘politicians’ who vehemently argue as if the Oromos are the makers and markers of Ethiopia. They even go further by advocating, as if the Oromos were/are the trunk of Ethiopia. The question they completely fail to answer is what the Oromos gain from their own trunk if the Ethiopia they are advocating for is Oromo’s trunk? Their answers are at odd to each other. If at all their arguments hold true, how can one become the first victim of his own true trunk?

Out of humanity or innocence, Oromos have tried to do everything positive for Ethiopia. They got and are getting negative reciprocity for their generosity. They haven’t understood how that Ethiopia was a destructive weapon created on them to destroy them. Thus, the bulk of the Oromo population gained nothing from Ethiopia except destruction, perhaps some loyalists could get some personal befits which can never representOromoo-Oromummaa.

Nowadays, getting full chance to command Ethiopia, the Tigrean led regime at Arat Kilo has changed Ethiopia from weaponry to mercenary, which can be easily hired by anyone who wants to fight for his or her interest anywhere in this world. Right now, the incumbent TPLF-led mercenary Ethiopia is hired by the USA and its Western allies and is fighting in Somalia, South Sudan, Darfur (Sudan) under the disguised catchphrase, “A Fight against Terrorism”.

The majority of the foot soldiers who are daily dying in these countries are conscripted Oromo’s, while the commanders are from ‘the chosen people’ of Tigray. They are making huge business with their international partners and dollar donors. Imagine, the business is being conducted in the name of Ethiopia. Therefore, to any Oromo organisations-community or political, it is a futile attempt to try to forge any form of coalition or alliance with any political or social organisations who bear the name Ethiopia anymore. The conflict between Oromummaa and Itiyophiawinnet has gone deep into a ditch which cannot be resolved by sitting together or otherwise. The best solution is, live in peace, sitting away from each other. Cooperate with each other on common interests.

All Ethiopian based Abyssinian political parties extremely hate what they call the “yegosa polotika”. The hatred is directed to Oromumma, not toTigirumma or Amarumma. Why? First of all, these people have never had thegosa-Lammii social organisation, and do not know the dual functional values of the Oromo organisation, because they are a unilineal authoritarian society.
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If they (Abyssinians) had had the gosa-lammii dual structure, they wouldn’t have allowed the growth of merciless killers among themselves.

•€€€€€€€€If they had the gosa-lammii social organisation, they wouldn’t have developed the institution that breeds dictators, autocrats, liars, cheaters.

•€ € € €If they had the gosa-lammii social norms, they would have an elaborate social law that could govern the activities of individuals in their society.

Oromos do have a well organised gosa-lammii social norm that regulates group and individual activities, based on the Seera Gadaa Oromoo. We found Ethiopia destroying these priceless Oromo heritages. Oromos! In our struggle to regain our lost independence, we should not forget to acknowledge our heritages. Ityophiyawinnet is imposed upon us to destroyOromummaa not to preserve or save.

The struggle for complete independence is the only option all Oromos need to focus on. The Qeeroo Oromoo generation is doing admirable jobs at home. Their unflinching stand for freedom has become headline news of world media. In this respect, the heroic deeds of athlete Feyisa Lellisa was extremely commendable. Bilisummaa will blossom on the blood of our children, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers that the enemy has spilt at Hara Harsadii and elsewhere in Oromia.

May their soul rest in peace in paradise!

“Nama gumaa baafatu malee nama gumaa nyaatu hin taanu!”

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