Waqeffanna Oromo expresses its condolences

Waqeffanna Oromo expresses its deep condolences to families and friends of victims at Irreechaa 2016 in Hora Arsade, Bishoftu.

Irrecha is a traditional ritual for thousands of years practiced by the Oromo people. In recent years, Irreecha is becoming the national day for peace loving Oromo people. Millions are gathering in Arsade, Bishoftu at the end of September and beginning of October every year.

There has never been stampede or any problem of overcrowding even if millions are gathering every year. The government of Ethiopia has tried to stop Irreechaa for many years but could not managed it. Then the OPDO joined the mass to use it as its platform.

The Oromo people expressed its concern that this annual traditional ritual should not be used as the political platform for any political party. The Ethiopian government has given deaf ear to the advice the Abba Gadas were suggesting to keep Irreechaa free and peaceful as it used to be. The government’s attempt to use this annual ritual as its platform has ignited and started a tension.

We are saddened to watch the government security forces dropping tear gas and live ammunition to millions of crowd and then it created panic. As witnesses say and video evidence shows, many have died of live ammunition and drowned to nearby lake bank cliff.

The government of Ethiopia is the root cause of an ongoing protest in Oromia and Amhara region which cost thousands of lives.

Waqeffanna Oromo expresses its deep sorrow for what happened on Irreecha 2016 in Hora Arsade, Bishoftu. We call upon the international community to pressure for the investigation.

We call upon the Oromo community worldwide to support the families of the victims and help survivors.
May Waqa help the Oromo people!


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