The Bishooftuu Massacre
by Rundassa Afsheetee Hundee

October 2, 2016 saw the true reality of one of the most horrific acts of Tigre tribe brutality, the Bishooftuu Massacre.

For the Oromians, the Tigre tribe war started in 1991, the day the Tigre tribe army conquered Oromia with the help of the military government of Ethiopia captives, who the Tigreans labeled as OPDO. After that the outbreak of the Tigre tribe hostility against the oromo people took place in Hursso of eastern part of Oromia where they killed tens of thousands of Oromo Liberation army trainee who were disarmed and jailed in Hurso military camp.

Just a year earlier, in 1991, the Tigre invading army lost some of it’s fighters by Ambo resistance movement. Angered by this, the Tigre tribe army assassinated well known business man, Daraaraa Kafanii, and student Jagamaa Badhaanee and teacher Baqalaa ababaa and Baqalaa Argawu Dinqaa. Around the same time, the Tribe’s army killed Yonataan Isaq and thousands others in western part of Oromia. Next, it assassinated a well known artist, Ebisa Adunya and Jaatanii Ali.

The large protracted war that the Tigre tribe army waged in Oromia took place in eastern part of Oromia, in Bale, Arsi, Iluu abba Booraa and in Jimmaa. In the process, tens of thousands nationalist Oromo men and women were eliminated from every town, city and village of Oromia.

Although things seem to be quit between years 1998-2004, the killing soon escalated into full-scale war in 2015 after the Tigre tribe announced the implementation of what it called “ the Finfinnee Master Plan”.

Before it was forced to abandon it, the tribe murdered over thousand people in central part of Oromia alone. Since then, the Oromo people fought the tribe even when they are heavily outnumbered when it comes to having guns and bullets. This, in itself, raised the wrath of the Tigre rulers, who preferred the idea of dominating the majority by force because considering peaceful meant to them a cowardly act.

Recently when the Qimaant people demanded to re join the Amhara region, the Tigre tribe loaded it’s tribe members onto trucks and buses and moved them back to the Tigre region. The idea behind this plan was to wage full scale war against the Amhara people who also opposed a one tribe superiority in empire Ethiopia. After that, there were killing and gruesome assassinations in the Amhara region, in Knoso and all over Oromia.

The killing methods they used in Hara-mayaa, Hadaamaa, Roobee, Ambo, Bulee Horaa and Wallagga universities ranged from hanging, stubbing, decapitating, burning alive or burying alive. This was done to prove their manliness and readiness for the the real war against the majority population that rejected the superiority of small tribe. Proud of their work, the Tigre tribe leaders, Suyom Mesfin and Abay Tashaye called the mass “the ignorant bunch who could never understand democracy but abuse”.

The Tigre tribe amy known for killing and mutilating Oromo corpses began planning the Bishooftuu massacre weeks before the Irrechaa celebration day. The well experienced Agaazii army known for killing the elderly, little kids, for raping young girls/women, for killing pregnant women, for sodomizing men arrived in Bishooftuu three days before the Irrechaa celebration day and camped out ready to kill the Oromo people whose indignities would cease only with death.

On October 2, 2016, close to four million people arrived to attend Irrechaa from every villages and towns or cities of oromia and many of them have traveled hundreds of kilometers and some for several days, and have made great sacrifices in order to attend Irreechaa. To avoid any misunderstanding, the abba gadaa of oromia warned the Tigre tribe rulers and their tools, the OPDO, not to bring the Tigre flag or attend Irrechaa because the killing that took place in oromia was still fresh in people’s minds. But the Tigreans interest was to show their authority and power so they raised their flag at this sacred holly land and also told their puppets, the OPDO to take the podium from where they would give their tiresome deceptive speeches.

The oromians who came to celebrate Irrechaa refused to listen to the Tigre killers explaining that the primary purposes of attending Irrechaa is to thank God not to talk about politics. All what the people wanted was to be in their own environment and to pray in their own language and increase their faith and devotion to God, and raise the voice of unity and freedom.

Mothers and daughters sang spiritual songs before the speakers were going emphasize the role women have in Oromo society, and the great influence they have in the lives of their families. But the egoistic Tigre tribe tools, the OPDO leaders appeared to give speech as if what they were going to say would have inspiring message in it.

This time, the oromo youth started chanting “ Down with Tigre tribe domination”! Down with Waa-yaannee!

The Tigre tribe army, the AGAZII had to demonstrate it’s ability of killing and rained bullets upon 4 million people with an incredible cruelty so the carnage began. it was that time when people started running for shelter but there was no place to run away from the Helicopter gunship.

Figures vary, but over a period of few minutes, close to 500 Oromians were massacred by the Tigre tribe army, the AGAZII. The atrocities this tribe committed in Oromia had been condemned worldwide which the Tigre tribe government shrugged off in a war attitude and so the Oromo people remained under the Tigre tribe occupation. All these things done however, the Oromo people have decided to fight until this fragile tribal government collapses.

Oromia shall be free!

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