It seems that the OPDO meeting ended in the shortest time by the sudden TPLF COMMAND from Mekele; urgently getting rid of Mr. Mukhtar Khadir (Oromia’s President and OPDO’s Chairman) and Aadde Asteer Maammoo (OPDO’s vice Chairperson) and their replacements with Lammaa Magarsaa and Workineh Gebeyo, TPLF’s most favorites in the OPDO. What does this show?
I (We) have yet not heard that the TPLF, the ANDM, and Southern Organization meetings have ended or the FUNDAMENTAL REFORM (CHANGE) they have promised. As the determinant gear of the EPRDF is the TPLF.
It has been a long time since the existence of TWO main FACTIONS in the TPLF has been reported. That goes to the time when Meles Zenawi died. The Site above reports the same and what is going on in Mekele (Tigray) with the careful note of the spreading of (mis)informing allegations by both factions.
If the information is correct, there might be someone among the TPLF leaders (may be Abay Tsehaye with consultation of DebreTsiyon) who suddenly called Mukhtar Kadir to convene again the meeting adjourned to make the prescribed change of OPDO leaders. It might be that most of the TPLF leaders meeting in Mekele do not know about the command.
Whoever commanded the change of top OPDO leaders wants the MILITARY SOLUTION to the current PROTESTS in Ethiopia. The rest of the TPLF leaders might not have any clue of what and why that happened. This is the bad tendency as the conservatives in the TPLF want to retain Tigrayan Dominance in Ethiopia by FORCE. The calculation of the FACTION or Clique who ordered the replacement of top OPDO leader s by the most favorite persons in the OPDO (Lammaa Magarsaa and Workine Gebeyo) so that they would best fit in the strategy of using military forces to quell the protests . Both Lammaa and Workine known to have worked as the most trusted security personnel from the OPDO. The TPLF might think that they are the best to keep the dominance of Tigrayan TPLF due to their experience as spy masters who could provide excellent supports to the decisive Military Intelligence (Oromia and Amhara Regions are under Military Administration)
This scenario is the worst case for which the Ethiopian peoples (Oromos, Amharas and others) should be prepared and very determined to resist by all possible means in order to remove TPLF from power. Ethiopians should make PLAN A. and PLAN B now.
PLAN A entails the planning and preparation of the strategy and tactics that should be used to wage a continuous or sustainable and effective peaceful protest. This should include the stretching of the TPLF armed forces to every woreda or kebele so that the confronted Agazis will be weak and small isolated forces. This should be done by the simultaneity of protests. There are several additional things that should be done to make PLAN A successful.
PLAN B involves the preparation for the worst. This is the plan which is vital to confront and resist the TPLF’s military suppression of the peaceful resistance. This is a TOP SECRET that should not be said here or this way. PLAN B will prepare the public for ARMED RESISTANCE in order to counter the intensified use of force by TPLF. The organizers of the Protests in different Ethiopian Regions should work on this as of now.
The optimistic outcome from the TPLF meeting will give us a second scenario. This second scenario arises from the TPLF and ANDM’s meeting that has taken a longer time than expected. It might be the case that it has been difficult for them (the 2 Factions) to agree to a common point. If the liberalist Faction in the TPLF wins finally resulting in the replacement of the TPLF top evil leaders, and a good intentioned strategy and tactic to bring Fundamental Change (Reform), it might be the reflection to peaceful or violent (if they still want to retain dominance) regime change in Ethiopia.
To sum up, both scenarios lead us to a regime change in Ethiopia, which is an imperative. Therefore, Protest Organizers and all Ethiopian political Parties should be busy on preparing a common acceptable transitional program for Ethiopia as of now.

የውሸትና የማስመሰል ጸብ በመቀሌ ተጀምሯል።የነ ኣባይ ወልዱ ኣንጃ ከተሸነፈ ሳሞራ ዮኑስ ሊባረሩ ወይም በጡረታ ሊሰናበቱ ይችላሉ የሚል ስጋት ኣለ

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