NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES OF EPRDF’s TEHADiSO OF 15 YEARS AGO — By Raayyaa Walloo- Dubbisaa, yaada kennaa, waliif daddabarsaa…Dubbii ciccimtuufi haqaa ta’eetu seeneffame!!!


There are situations on the ground in Ethiopia showing that the Tehadiso of 15 years ago resulted in the following destructive consequences among other things.

1. A one-man autocratic rule system in which Melles came out as a dictator over not only Ethiopians but also Tigrayans is established. With the death of Melles in 2012, Ethiopia has been under the dictatorship of the Centre-less kingdoms of Tigrayan warlords that are even competing with each other.

2. The formation of Corrupt Government in which all of the Party and Government Leaders, Officials, Cadres, and the commanders of armed forces have turned out to be corrupted rulers that exercise bad governance, economic robbery who are deployed to loot the people and the public property or wealth for their own economic enrichment.

3. The TPLF solely controls the Ground Army, the Federal Force, the Air Force, and Special Tigrayan Agazi Forces that are now being used against citizens in Ethiopia to cling to power by practically using excessive forces against unarmed people even though the Ethiopians do not want them on power anymore.

4. The TPLF controls the all government organs and key economic infrastructure in Ethiopia by directly assigning Tigrayans or indirectly by placing Tigrayan politicians or cadres with determinant decision power over the fake non-Tigrayan official. The TPLF controls the Foreign Ministry, Defense Ministry, Interior Ministry, the Economic Commission, the Ethiopian Telecom, etc.

5. A National Armed and Security Forces have practically become Tigrayan and Ethiopia has been barred of having its National Armed and Security Forces. The Armed and Security Forces in Ethiopia belongs solely to TPLF even not to the EPRDF. All top and senior commanders and leaders are Tigrayans. The Armed and Security Forces work for keeping the dominance of Tigrayans over the EPRDF, the Ethiopian peoples including or even in Tigray. Ethiopia fell under not only under a one-party but one-ethnic group military control.

6. The constitutionally given provision of Federalism and Federal States has never been made practical except in Tigray Region. Tigrayans solely administer themselves in Tigray. No non-Tigrayan official from even the EPRDF is assigned in Tigray Region. However, Tigrayans are assigned in all other Regional States as indirect decision controllers in every state organs deployed with covers of National (it is Tigrayan) security work. They supervise every movement or decision of the non-Tigrayan government officials at all level, thus, annulling or making the Federalism fake in non-Tigrayan Regions.

7. The non-existing and fabricated ideological dogma of ‘developmental democracy’ and the practice of ‘developmental state’ is established to keep the TPLF and the fake EPRDF as the one-party ruler forever. It depicted the TPLF as the only alternative as the developmental vanguard and a system to control of the economy for political and economic benefits by the government in the name of developmental state. This ideology and practice is a non-democratic and dictatorial suppressive and oppressive regime that only benefits the very few thousands (ruling class) in the 100 million Ethiopians who have been living below poverty line. It has been the routine of the TPLF to weaken not EPRDF member parties but also opposition parties in Ethiopia so that no strong opposition comes out as a potential contender to TPLF’s rule.

8. It resulted in the blurring, withering away and complete disappearance of the difference between State and Government, Government and Ruling Party, and the TPLF and Government in Ethiopian political system. As a consequence, the TPLF has been developed into an unchecked power in all spheres of life in Ethiopia.

9. The economic hegemony Tigrayan State in the name of ‘developmental state’ in which market competition is discouraged by government policies, development schemes or plans, projects and investment priorities are centrally planned, coordinated and controlled by TPLF cliques who are placed as Advisors (Abay Tsehaye and Arkebe Equbay etc) of the Prime Minister who could trick and diverted potential wealth opportunities to Tigray and Tigrayan investors or contractors in non-Tigrayan Regions / or to EFFORT / or to Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC), the corporation controlled by the TPLF Military and a TPLF general. Tigrayan TPLF key leaders and commanders have been leading the Central Economic Planning and strategic public institutions like government banks, sugar corporations, Ethiopian Airlines, etc.

10. Years of looting and transfers of Ethiopian funds and looted Ethiopian properties to TPLF’s humanitarian wing resulted in the establishment and development of EFFORT to an economic conglomerate or empire that owns most of the business companies in Ethiopia today.

11. The TPLF controlled EPRDF regime made non-competitive government policies, laws, directives and policies and favored Tigrayan businesses led to the annihilation of thousands of Gurage, Oromo, and Amhara businesses and replacement by the government favored Tigrayan businesses.

12. Poor Tigrayan officals and their families or relatives turned out to be billionaires from nowhere in a short time and thousands of military commanders became owners of high building and business people. 13. Land grab has been the source of capital for Tigrayan officials and cadres and a means of enrichment. Land grab has been used by Tigrayan officials as collateral for getting generous loans form government that could be used as a source of capital for buying more land and reselling and for inflating land and housing prices, etc.

14. Banks are ordered to give huge loans to Tigrayans with the practice of favoritism and partiality in which non-Tigrayans are excluded.

15. Many factories, businesses, and government institutions were established in Tigray and this could create jobs for Tigrayans whereas educated graduates from non-Tigrayan regions are left out as unemployed or as cobblestone workers.

16. Key government posts were assigned to Tigrayans in all regions of Ethiopia with their trusted cadres in order to give or dominate decisions in the administration whereas non-Tigrayans cannot literally work in Tigrayan administration or public and private institutions.

17. Many big Ethiopian public institutions, banks, and the Ethiopian Airline etc. became the employment opportunities that favor Tigrayans.

18. The fundamental individual and group liberties or rights enshrined in the Ethiopian Constitution EPRDF issued solely has not been practical and thus shows EPRDF is a failure. TPLF solely bypassed the other EPRDF and suppressed the liberties and rights they themselves wrote in order to look democratic in the Western World and to attract more fund aid from them. Hence, TPLF championed on the suppression of peoples demands and peaceful protests by excessive use of partisan force and practicing genocide against non-Tigrayans, Thousands were killed for protesting and opposing the TPLF regime peacefully. Hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians have been imprisoned, tortured, disappeared and publicly humiliated. After long months of trying to shut up grievances by force, the Regime let the situation to get transformed to violent clashes.

19. The TPLF regime used the Colonial era “Divide and Rule” system in series of incidents. They manipulated and created rift and conflict between different peoples of different Regional States. They have used Benishangul against Oromos; Ogaden Somalis against Oromos; Affars against Wollo Oromos; etc. They even created conflicts in a Regional State; this is specially in the Southern Region where Wolayitas are used against Sidamans and Konso. They used divide and rule tactic to cause the division of a Woreda (district) into two or more in many places in Oromia Region.

20. TPLF has been an ambitious expansionist policy from its outset. They started this with the operation in Wolqayit-Tsegede, Rayya-Azabo and Affar territories. With coming to power they gained these territories for Tigray. They partitioned Wollo between themselves Tigray and Amharas (Melles and Tamrat Layne conspiracy). Moreover, for their Divide and Rule evil scheme, the two ‘victor partners’ gave some Oromia territories as REWARDS to Beneshangul, Ogaden Somalis, Affars, and Southern Region in order to create long-time conflict between the Oromo and its neighbours. While they retained Mekele and Gondar or Baher Dar for Tigrayans and Amharas respectively, they made Oromo cities like Finfinnee (Addis), Harar and Dire Dawa aoutonomous Cities. Oromos have not had their own consent or say in this matter that concerns them. Anyway, their evil expansionist scheme has turned out to be one of the sources of headaches of the TPLF. OBSERVATIONS: More can be said about the negative consequences. There has never been any positive consequence out of the EPRDF’s Tehadiso made 15 years ago. This shows that EPRDF is a political failure; non-TPLF members of EPRDF are just agents for the TPLF; there is no democracy at all in Ethiopia. The question is: Can TPLf or EPRDF make any decisions in their current Tehadiso Evaluation and remedy these and more situations that have negative consequences of their policy and decisions based on Tehadiso made 15 years ago? The answer is definitely No!! There will not be significant change in the leadership except some show offs.

They might remove some exposed and hated leaders (as OPDO has done with Mukhtar Kadir and Aster Mammo) and transfer them to other duties as they used to do. The bottle neck problem in the EPRDF to go for complete reform and change is that all top leaders and officials have been deeply involved in corruption and illegal enrichment and they know the crime of each other very well. Removing all leadership is impossible since it will be the end of the RPRDF. The old guards (Abay Tsehaye, Seyoum Mesfin, Sebhat Nega, Arkabe Equbay, Abba Dula, Kuma Demeqsa, Girma Birru, Addisu Leggese, Bereket Simon) all know each other and know the corruption crime of those below them. Ethiopia has first seen the Government of Thieves in its history.

The robbery of national resources, public properties and funds, businesses or individuals has duplicated itself to the ‘kebele’ level of EPRDF organization. Corrupted individuals or groups can never rid the country infested by chronic corruption and robbery. Funny enough those who devised and are calling for Tehadiso (the old guards including Abay Tsehaye) have their own big dirt of corruption crime they perpetrated. Moreover, it is not expected that the TPLF will remove Hailemariam and take the post itself or give it to Oromo or Amhara!! Taking the position of Prime Minister for TPLF, or giving it to Amhara or Oromo will both have negative consequences. Plus the suspicion of the TPLF is that the disaster will happen to them (Tigrayans) if the Prime Minister becomes independent of them; in this case they know that they lose all they looted at the end and it will end the system they built to favor TPLF officials and Tigrayans who support them. Worse, TPLF has always thought guns will decide everything since they are armed, and hence it has not any nature of solving things peacefully via negotiation with its foes and making concessions in its entire history; and there is no hope that they will decide to negotiate with the opposition parties inside and outside the country to bring a democratic political system. So, EPRDF is immersed in a problem that it will never come out with success at all!! The Tehadiso going on now will just bring some change of individuals in leadership not in the system of political governance. Problems will be worse and it will necessitates change of government and political system. Whatever Tehadiso will never ever save them from downfall!!

By:  Raayyaa Walloo 

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