The challenge of the diaspora Oromo
by Rundassa Asheetee

The personal failure of the diaspora Oromo originates in two contracting syndromes.

1. The ambition to be successful, thereof, a desire to be a leader has produced a situation where no one is willing to follow. Most Oromo diaspora members developed this character and believe that they are knowledgeable about everything, be it is military science, politics, social or natural science. They feel like they know everything and they are full of ego, blind pride and illusionary ambition that paved the road to envy and jealousy.

2. The Stockholm syndrome: According to wikipedia, “The Stockholm syndrome or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon described in 1973 in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors.”

Aside from the very clever pentecostalist who have learned how to make money in a simple and quick way, those who blindly accepted the superiority of the Arabs or even the Habashas don’t have the courage to say, “I can stand on my own as an Oromo and can win my freedom. These types of people cling to their master’s identity and love their Makuria and Gizaachew names like those who feel that they have to have an Arab name in order to become a good Muslim.

The same way Makuria can’t realize that his name actually belongs to a Donkey, those with name Jamal love to be called “the Slave”. like it is explained in a Stockholm syndrome case above, these Oromo captives have developed greater bonding with their masters and express empathy and sympathy for the Arab world view and have positive feelings toward their captors.

If they realize that Jamal, Kamal, Kadija or Kadiria names belong to the Arabs and rename themselves Caaltuu, Roobee etc, they could have become role model to millions of born an unborn. Instead, they preach about freedom even when they don’t realize that they refuse to become free from the Stockholm syndrome they suffer from.

In general, The Stockholm syndrome and personal ambition to be famous is driving some diaspora Oromos to sympathize with the Amharas who reject the the Oromo question. Similarly, those who work for the invading enemy and kill their own people suffer from these two syndromes. Confused as they are, they still speak like humans and dress like a human, and yet they are not fully evolved out of the inferiority complex that they see as a normal behavior.
The ambitious men who live rich life by benefiting from the TPLF robbery camping in Oromia also suffer from both syndromes because they too collaborate with men whom they think are superior to them. They evicted the Oromo people and built homes, sold land and made a fortune but they are not any better than those who robe the uneducated naive Oromos in the name of God.

Men like Gammachis Buubaa may sound wise because of the talks he gives or because of the houses he had built or because of the 5 star hotel or MBA schools he owns today. Nevertheless, he still suffers from the Stockholm syndrome like the rest.

Generally speaking, both the ambitious and those who suffer from the Stockholm syndrome don’t have courage to confront their weakness, nor they have a drop of pride in them. They are part of the rotting and decaying side of human waste.

Courage becomes a living and an attractive virtue when it is regarded not only as a willingness to die manfully, but also as a determination to live decently. Buubaa and his likes are moral cowards who are afraid to do what is right. If those who fear their God that he will send them to the hell unless they borrow the Arab, the Jew and the Habasha names could conquer their fears, they could live with dignity and die dignified death.

Rundassa dha

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