There is no doubt that working with people of similar political challenges improves our chance to remove the Tigre colonist out of Oromia. Guragee, Sidaamaa, Benishangul, Gambella, Ogadenia, Hadiya, Konso, Agawu etc are people with similar challenges. By Rundaasaa Asheetee Hundee

There is no doubt that working with people of similar political challenges improves our chance to remove the Tigre colonist out of Oromia. Guragee, Sidaamaa, Benishangul, Gambella, Ogadenia, Hadiya, Konso, Agawu etc are people with similar challenges. Hence, these types of people are part of our moral fabric as a nation. Nevertheless, when it comes to the Habasha groups, we know that the Amharic speakers or the Tigreans are willing to kill and die to protect their dominant position. If you all forgot why the Amharic speakers cry all the time, please watch the videos they released recently on face book etc. Intellectual or none intellectual alike, they all demand that the Anolee statue to be destroyed, the current federalism to be gone, the use of Qubee must stop etc.. is their slogan. We need to understand these people from this point of view and comprehend what these they want with particular emphasis on a precursors of restoration demands that they have. These are the underpinnings of their political dogma worldwide.

If we understand these things we can help protect or defend what’s our’s and further enhance knowledge that will bring happiness and joy to all. But much of all these things depend on what we do to improve our own moral fabric as a society first and regain what we’ve lost.

A unique and profoundly important things that we’ve lost was freedom, and we still don’t have it. To know what we’ve lost, it is important to look back into the achievements occurred during the Gadaa era. Back then, we’ve had men of strong beliefs in themselves. These ancestors of ours were gifted linguists, law makers, military scientists and they lived in free country known as “Biyya Oromo”. But we don’t have any of these things any more. We fight to restore all these things that we’ve lost and the Amharic speakers want to restore their past glory of domination.
The problem I see in your views is that some of you consider our effort to restore what we’ve lost as meanness. When Gen. Jaaraa Abba Gadaa founded the OLF, he was planing to restore the Gadaa system in which five elements of the constitution explain human equality. They are the restoration of’;
1. The separation of powers into six Odaa branches of government

2. The restoration of the Rights that guaranteed freedom of speech to all

3. “Seerrii ilmoo caala nama mararatii” (Equality of all human beings before the law)

4. The restoration of the principle of popular sovereignty (Gumii Gaayyoo); the people are the source of government

5. The creation of the federal system with a division of powers between the nation as a whole and the Odaas (states)

These five basic fundamentals have been what we want to restore. This means, what we are trying to do is already about sharing our resources and knowledge with others. When respect and appreciation is supposed to be given to such remarkable ideals of our’s, the Amharic speaking people’s effort remained to be the diminishing of the Rights that our culture guarantees every human being. Of course, men and women who feel inferior about their identity can’t think about going back and restore what they have lost. If that was the case, the Gojaamees would have recognized that their origin is the Maccaa Oromo clan, and the Walloyyees would have recognized that they are part of the Ituu Oromo clan.

Let alone those who started hating oneself hundreds of years ago, even those who’s Arab names or Amharic names can’t extend beyond two generations are having hard time to return back to their Oromo self. For sure, the same way we can’t expect scientific achievements, communications revolution or advancements in medicine from people who don’t know how to feed oneself properly, we can’t expect acknowledgement of the contributions of those who gave their lives to the Restoration of what we’ve lost as a nation.

This being said, it is important that we ask one another how we can restore the great morality our great grand parents have had.

First, be confident. You must not be in camouflage as to who you are and what you want. That is the only way you can repair the economic and the moral fabric that is essential national task right now. The Americas went through values restoration in the 1820s when they sensed that the country had grown soft and decadent. They did it quietly and away from fame.

Our challenge is that we have men who call themselves “a professor” but without faith in themselves. They are still Asefefas, Mekurias, Asfawus, Aberas, Gizachewus etc. It is with such moral principles grounded in inferiority that they try to liberate the Oromo people! funny indeed!

What is true thought is that each of these men are looking for a great benefit to themselves than the society at large. So, until you understand clearly that your devotion to public virtue is be critical, there is no winning against the Tigre or the Amharic speakers.

Many U.S. founders such as George Washington and James Madison pointed out that shared moral values allow societies to be bound together. Unfortunately in our case, religious influence has divided our values into Gallaa, Islam, Christian etc replacing our names with Amhara, Arab and European names and attitudes. As a result, our humanism is seen as bad, so we are named atheist or Gallaa/Kufar. Of course, those whose adherents resembles with Amharic speaking people have developed common belief and ideology that Shawaa is better than Shaggar, Bogale is better than Dheeressa.

Further more, our galtuus and inferior beings have been at the forefront in promoting the Arab culture and the Amharic speaking people’s culture rejecting the moral view of the Oromo people. In their view, there is no objective moral order in Oromo worldview. Being devoid of reasoning, our inferiors chose the Arab and the European objective of replacing the Oromo civilizations with White people’s philosophy. They believe that no preference should be given to Oromo moral value known as Safuu. Worse, these dummies minds and hearts have already shifted away from their own and now they hate listing to Oromo music and also they pray in Arabic or in Amharic because their white Gods don’t understand afaan oromo.

One of the reasons the attack on Oromo moral value and religious principles has been so successful is because of the reluctance of people like you to express their views. Extraordinary effort will be required to protect what we have and to fight for what we have lost. That is what “LIBERATION” means. Obviously, the Amharic speaking self haters will not advocate for the return of past Oromo glory. Nonetheless, there are millions who will fight to restore what we have lost.

Rundassa Asheetee ti

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