THE CRIMINAL TIGREANS ARE ON THE RUN BY RUNDASSA ASHEETEE. Dubbisaa, waliif daddabarsaa..Yaada Irratti roobsaa…Qabxii Bareedaa Kaasaniiru!!!

The criminal Tigreans are on the run
by Rundassa Asheetee

Being scared of what would soon follow, the Tigreans are busy obtaining passport under Oromo names. The fraud in which these people have engaged in is causing the Oromo nation losses of millions of dollars on daily bases. The Tigreans borrowed billions of dollars in the name of sustainable development and the victims of this theft are the future generations of Oromia. Unless we find ways on how to cut our relationship with the Abyssinians, we will face a lengthy economic damage caused by this global fraud. The Oromo and the southern people have never authorized this loan, hence it is very important that we work hard and protect the Oromo generation from long term international debt. According to the reports from UN, IMF and other global financial institutions, the Tigreans savings have spread across the world. The preliminary steps that each diaspora Oromo, especially those who are the educated in financial areas should take is to collect EPRDF members account information by following ways in which they possess the fund and traffic the money in and out of the country.

So far, we are focussed on the killings that the Tigers perform in Oromia ignoring how the Tigreans finance their criminal activities in Oromia and around the world. Without dollar power, they could have never be able to kidnapped Tasfahun Camaadaa, Dabasso Guyyoo and the like and kill them. Recently we’ve watched a man named Robert talking on the video released by the American embassy in Finfinnee on sept. 9, 2016 and what you’ve learned from it was is the corrupt in which the American diplomats are engaged. This guy named Robert spends a lot of time with TPLF’s spy boss named Getachew and he was one who fade Obama and Suzan Rice, including John Carry’s assistant to goto Finfinnee and praise the Tigre tribe’s killing of the Oromo. Most of us were shocked when Obama said the TPLF killers are democratically elected but the truth is finance plays major role in shaping the opinions of the so called American leaders. part of the robbery of our poor nation. Hence, it is important to understand how global corruption is set up and functions so effectively.

In order take effective actions and prevent or at least decrease the theft, it is necessary to analyze the external or micro-economic situation of empire Ethiopia and speak up saying that we the Oromians and the southern people are not gong to be responsible for the loans that never spent to develop our region. To evaluate the political, economic, social, and technological development of our region, it is easy to gather data on year bases. Wrong or right, there are statistical datas provided by the colonial forces in Oromia. Once this data is obtained, it is easy to compare it to physical infrastructure development that the occupying force claim to undertake. In addition to physical infrastructure developments, we can also see social factors such as the habits and social networks established by the colonizing tribe and t’s alliance. By social networks, I am talking about what TPLF members, their relatives and friends relationship with internal and external groups looks like. For example, the Chinese role in protecting the privacy of the TPLF members accounts is so huge compared to the American diplomats who often take bribes in gold and cash.

Similarly, western and eastern block companies, including the middle eastern countries have corrupt institutions that are engaged in defrauding our nation. The good news however is that the individuals involved in the protection of the TPLF privacy, confidential data, and personal information are known although they use various security mechanisms to hide what they are doing. Another means of gathering information on the TPLF and their cronies is through the local TPLF network that they have established to rape local economy. For example, top OPDO member officials know who owns what even though the TPLF sees them as useful tools.

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