How successful is the economic boycott against the Tigre invading army? Rundassa Asheetee Hundee..Read, share and comment!

How successful is the economic boycott against the Tigre invading army?
Rundassa Asheetee Hundee

bf380cee-dfd6-4952-9eea-1ca3376e9c88At every corner of Naqamtee city parked the Tigre colonial army convoy. Just two kilometers away from the city center a uniformed Oromo solider pushed a wheelbarrow full of dry bread, known as Koshoroo unloaded from one of the army vehicles and distributed to his fellow soldiers. Nearby, other Tigre fighters stacked more dried bread and bottles of purified water. Although the majority soldiers don’t seem accepting guarding the ghost city devoid of human activity, their Tigre commanders acted unapologetic. They continuously give orders that the soldiers go door to door and tell their OPDO dogs and force the residents to open their businesses. The OPDO followed the orders and attached a paper that said,”This business is closed by the authorities for not complying with government orders.”

Hours later, the city’s youth and business owners arrive and tear off what has been taped on the doors of each retail store and threw it away. The people simply ignored everything that the Tigreans tell them to do and their dogs, the OPDO are helplessly tired of everything but there is nothing they can do! they are born salves and they will die as slaves.

Since this action begun few days ago, thousands of young kids were beaten up and suffer from broken bones, split heads and countless injuries to their bodies. Nonetheless, the protest continued with full force. The precaution that followed the economic boycott is the starvation from which several hundred individuals whose livelihood depended on the daily activity of the local business. After posting so many notices on businesses doors which the people ignored, the Tigre soldiers started knocking on residents homes and asked if they can buy calling cards but people refused selling calling cards to them. “We don’t have calling cards” was the answers they got. Mean time, many Tigre soldiers also begged for food. “Please give me some Bassoo” they say and the answer they get was “Dhiifama nuti bassoo hin qabnu.”

To alleviate the starvation of some city dwellers, two generous business owners of Gudar town opened up their flour mill and distributed flour to the needy. At Xaamayii, Gooroo-Soolee, Gudeellaa etc towns, the youth camped out and rolled down large rock onto the highway and also threw rocks by using a sling (Bilaangota) and destroyed the Tigre military convoys guarded by the soldiers and transported supplies to the army station along the western part of Oromia. Because the Tigre invading army continued to suffer casualties from such attacks, the Tigre soldiers secretly camped near the areas where young kids camped-out and rained bullets on them and injured over 50 young kids just at Tokkee-Kutayee alone.

Amazing about the entire situation is that the Oromo people are well aware that the Tigre forces who are besieging their cities and towns are their enemies. People know that their villages, towns and cities were seized by the enemy and there is no compromise. Most importantly, the oromo people understand that the Tigre government “bad governance” propaganda is nothing but a confusing strategy. People want the Tigre invading army leave Oromia.

Of course the OPDO dogs have been successful in creating confusion in certain areas of countryside. They forced the people from country side to bring products to the nearby cities and towns. Even then, the youth group ambushed those who carried butter and certain food produces and forced them to go back empty handed. For that, the Gooroo Soolee youth have done amazing job. Thanks to the hard work of the Oromo youth, no food items reached Gudar, Naqamtee or the surrounding towns from country side so far. The OPDO dos were able to create confusion because most Oromos who live in country side do not have TV or radio and are exposed to the OPDO deception. Hence, the youth need to work on creating awareness in the countryside.

In general, the Tigre colonial army stationed all over Oromia and other controlled territories can no longer survive starvation and rejection and they are destined to failure if the protest goes on for few months more. They have committed enough pillage and the Oromo people are no longer naive to methods Tigre propaganda and warfare tactics.

At this point in time, the Tigre invaders suffer from inadequate food supply, mass rejection, internal division and political fatigue. The Oromo and the Amhara people understood in a very strict sense what it means to be ruled by the most cruel and deceptive minority tribe and such the indispensable stand is the foundation of the objective of free Oromia.

Whether the current economic boycott continued or not, the liberation struggle must continue inthe different form. For example, the Tigre invading army is at the risk of starvation if the protest goes on for a long time. It is clear that the TPLF has to have enough money to buy foodstuffs, drinking water to undertake t’s killing actions to curtail the Oromo liberation movement.

Unlike Syria and many other nations around the world, Oromia is not going to suffer death and starvation due to a lack of food or medical supplies because our people’s livelihood is not linked to government welfare or large city life stye where people will starve if stores run out of food supplies. Over 80% of our population live in thecountryside and the population of the towns and the cities in Oromia are directly linked to countryside one way or the other.

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