THE PURPOSE OF OROMO STRUGLE:Freedom from Internal and External forces!!! By: Najat Hamza

The Purpose of Oromo Struggle: Freedom from Internal and External forces!!!

Oromo people fought for generations to gain back its peace, tranquility and balance it had as a nation and as people. It is worthy to remember and affirm once again, each life lost, abandoned, detained, raped, dismembered, looted of human dignity and killed is the aspiration of getting our peace back on our own land. It is also worthy to note we are not going to re-offend our wounds and create unnecessary burden by hunting down yesterday’s boogie men. However, we should remind each other forgiving for the sake of our own healing and as our way to go back to balance in no way constitute forgetting what we have gone through as people. It is really simple; history is recorded, remembered and learned so that the past does not repeat itself.

The goal of Oromo struggle is one and only, which is to have the right to live in freedom on our own land with complete ownership rights to our own resources. We never took peace, land, or freedom from any groups that have lived on our land Oromia or Ethiopia as whole; we are not after that today. I am aware there are some of you out there who have confused the need for power with the liberation of our people. You need to stop now!!! If your goal is to establish democratic Ethiopia, you have missed the fact the Ethiopian empire was founded and built on our own demise and conquer. The idea of back peddling the goal of Oromo struggle to accommodate individuals or party political ideology is not only wrong, it is an idea that contradicts our struggle.

We understand we can build nations either side by side or even existing together within the existing frame with mutual respect and self-rule. It is extremely important to stress anything short of that would be reconstituting oppression by other means or legitimized oppression where the jargon “Democracy” would be used there to hold it in place. How soon we forget, we are fighting a dictator with the same idea of democracy and pseudo-federalism ruling for 25 years. It is hard to accept the concept of Democracy as the governing system from groups/individuals/political parties who do not even exercise its principles as they exist outside of the system now. How can one practice true Democracy without accepting what democracy really is?

We have always lived with people of all color in peace and harmony even if the same could not be said for them. It is the time we demand what we lost restored without whitewashing, appeasing, accommodating others by losing ourselves. It is about time we say we deserve our truth and remind others their truth will not be lessened in the process. It is a time we stop the politics of confusion for gain at the expense of our nation. It is time to realize it is not our job to make others comfortable by losing ourselves, our lives, and our humanity in the process.
In fact, it is time to cash out on our centuries-old of good deeds we have done for others and our stored karma to accelerate our progress. It is time for others to pay it forward and no excuses! It is a time we put an end to the politics of sacrifices, where we die and others get compensated. I say this is the generation who is here to collect our credit of good deeds to restore our freedom to where it was in the beginning. We are not here to compromise! We are not here to appease! We are not here to sell out! We are here to restore our dignity as people! If that bothers you, we will have to start our restoration with your dismantle!!!

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By: Najat Hamza

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