WHO IS FIKADU MEGERSA? -Owener of Ayantu.net-Seenaafi hojiisaa gaggabaabinaan!

Obbo Fiqaaduu Magarsaan Walbara!

Fekadu Megersa was born and raised in Oromia. Primary and middle schools: Herero Elementary School (at the time called Buraa Challee) and Dodola Junior Secondary School, Bale region. He earned diploma in accounting at Commercial School, Finnfine (aka Addis Ababa); Master’s Degree in Computer Science at Kharkov Economic-Engineering Institute, Ukraine. He was a doctoral candidate at the Information Systems and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University, Sweden, where he also taught courses in computer science.

In the US, Fekadu worked for Sprint Telecom, IBM and Accenture in various capacities including as software engineer, IT Specialist and Systems Analyst for over 18 years. Currently, he is the president and owner of NextGen IT Solutions (http://nextgits.com), a family owned IT Consulting firm.

Fekadu was a member of Oromo Students Union in Europe and served it in different capacities. He ran the Oromo Relief Association (ORA) office in USA in 1995. He is a founder of http://ayyaantuu.com, an independent blogger website, that targets the Oromo community around the world. The name Ayyaantuu was given as an eponymous name in memory of all fallen Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) heroines, after the name was caught during Fekadu’s brief stay with OLA in Western Oromia at the turn of the year 1989 to 1990 (aka OLF-Dergue conflict – Assosa-Qellem area). Fekadu is one of the founders of Madda Walaabuu Media Foundation or Oromo Voice Radio. Currently, he is serving as a member of the Board of Directors of the Foundation. He is also member of the Maanguddoo Committee of the Oromo Community Organization in Washington DC Metropolitan Area and member of Curriculum developers’ team for Oromo children in the same area.

“Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving, they make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” Conrad Hiltona

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Mirgaa Gara bitaatti, Beekan Gulummaa Irranaafi Obbo Fiqaaduu Magarsaa walgahii OSA (waldaa Qorannoo Oromoo) Marsaa 30 faarratti Bara 2016 Washington Dc’tti qophaa’erratti wal argineetu.


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