“Live by the sword, die by the sword” the Tigreans motto By Rundassa Asheetee Hundee

“Live by the sword, die by the sword” the Tigreans motto
By Rundassa Asheetee Hundee

For the brutal Tigre dictators, the adage “Live by the sword, die by the sword” seem to be completely true. Although they avoided killing or even arresting anyone in Gondar, the Tigreans killed several Oromos every day for the past nine months. Awaday, Jaldu, Roobee and many parts of Oromia live through death and the trend continue. The Tigreans left the Amharas alone because;

1. They know that Gondar plays a strategic role if war begins as the Eritreans will be happy to move in and exasperate the problem
2. They know that the Gondar militias are armed than the Oromo or any other ethnic group in empire Ethiopia
3. They know that G7 and Arbanyoch-ginbar have strong presence in area

Mean while, the Tigreans killed 6 and injured 26 Oromo protesters in Awaday on july 31, 2016 alone. In the past, they killed in Gambela, Ogadenia, Oromia, Sidamaa, Konso even the Surmaa tribes and suffocated the voices of the mass. The Tigre colonizers call this evil action “the process of restoring order” but even that has two faces; the Gondar version and the southern part of the empire version. What the Tigreans do not understand however is, the more Oromians they kill, the more they leave the problem unsolved.

By applying different standards for the Amhara and for the Oromo, the Tigreans not only exposed their deep rooted racist and hatful nature against the Oromo people but they also failed to see that their own action is brewing the worst future for their armed killer group, the Agazii and their little Dogs, such as Abbaa Duulaa Gamada, a man who kept lying to save the Tigreans supramacy in Oromia. This man said on the Tigre media just today that the federal government should not involve in local government affairs. Of course, that worked in Gondar but the Agazii killers murdered 6 and injured 26 Oromians in Awaday alone. No one person was arrested in Gondar even when they refused to obey the Tigre order not protest.

The Tigre rulers think that if they avoided confrontation with the Gondar people, they would stay in power and die of old age or disease than at the hands of an enraged Oromo population forgetting that Ethiopia’s definitive chronicle of history tells that all Ethiopia’s warmongering killers died in the hands of the oppressed. For the TPLF leaders, killing the Oromo and respecting Gondar is the best way to run their empire but their thinking is wrong. Samora Yonus’s radical belief that by tightening TPLF’s military grip on the Oromo people, the Oromo protest will be silenced is like wishing to continue their ethnic cleansing project in Oromia.

Few far sighted Tigreans such as Sadikan started talking loudly demanding for true election to take place and bring reform to the empire. He even went as far as criticizing the Tigre tribe domination realizing that new kind of ethnic cleansing can take place. He started talking after seeing the determination of the Oromo people who stood against the Tigre colonist empty handed and fought gallantly. More frightening to Gen. Sadikan is Oromians ability to teach the Amharas people that it is possible to rise up and demand their rights. As a result, the empire is walking on a different political time line regardless of the day to day murder the Tigreans are committing in Oromia. No matter the killing and the jailing, the rise of the Oromo people continued fueling more and more unrest driving the Tigre colonist to waste all kinds of resources.

In the past, Malsa Zeenaa was able to neutralize the elites of the empire by directly working with farmers and street bums. After his death however, the remaining TPLF jungle boys inflated ego and ignorance outraged the mass and now the 11% economic growth they have been telling the world end up being a fairy tale and the narratives of stability they have used to attract foreign money is exposed for what it is. Further more, the “One on Five” spying apparatus that china helped them to build is destroyed by the Oromo people and now the Tigreans are discussing how to survive not how to loot the nation’s wealth.

Regardless of what the Tigre rulers do forward going, the likely outcome of the continued resistance of the Oromo people against the TPLF colonization will makes it impossible for the TPLF to continue ruling the empire. The regime lacks the manpower and resources to reconquer Oromia. It does, however, has stronger military power over the Oromo people temporarily.

In order to quickly weaken the TPLF and drive it out of Oromia, the Oromo people need to continue;

1) Burning down TPLF and foreign investments all over Oromia so that the TPLF and it’s collaborators will suffer the consequences of standing with the racist black Hitters.

2) To send money to our relatives so that they can buy guns and ammunitions and defend themselves from the Tigre Agazii killers.

3) Do more to empower the Oromo people across Oromia so that the entire region can rise together at the same time.

4) Be part of the fight and determine what structure of government might work in such a deeply divided country. Calls for elections are stale when trust is so low.

Eventually the only reform that the TPLF can implement is to heavily decentralize the empire and allow each region to manage their own affairs in some form of weak confederacy until trust and trade can gradually recover enough so that people clamor for a more centralized system. Unfortunately, the current state system, which empowers the Tigre tribe who insists on rigid ways of organizing empire Ethiopia will make it hard to take this route. But it is the easy step that the TPLF can take immediately.

Too many intellectuals are not good!
The most important thing is left undone while too many talks and analyses go on indefinitely!

Meanwhile the fact is that the Oromia people were/are failed. Let’s not complicated the Gondar’s action that surprised the terrorist group. The Gondar resident directly communicated with the Tigre TPLF terrorist group with the language they can understand. It is as simple as that!
– in the Oromia and somewhere else in the country there are two type of actions so far:
1) either young people have been standing with empty hands peacefully before armed criminals hoping that they might understand them, but the criminals do not understand them at all; rather they mistake them for terrorist because that is what their minds have been conditioned for.
2) A small patch of group of people shows up in some bushy/forest area and ambush at the armed criminals in which case the group is destroyed. Since such an action is isolated, it does not signal the unity of people against the terrorist group like that of Gondar.

Anyone who thinks this minority Tigre TPLF terrorist group can be civilized, and bring a tangible political reform as the result of transformation in their mindset without being remove by force is terribly mistaken.

** If one wants what General Sadikan’s recent rhetorical lengthy paper is all about, listen to Dr. Ararsa’s recent interview on OMN. I don’t think anyone else as intelligently analyzed the general’s recent rhetorical paper as Dr. Ararsa did.

Well said Rundassa
But you missed some important factors that have contributed to the current Oromo lack of defence forget about going on offense. The contrasting differences between the Oromo and Amhara is based on simple following logics
1. The Oromo people were disarmed by the organization suppose to arm and lead. It started 25 years ago and still continued today. It seems bizarre but true story.
2. The Amharas are armed by their smart politicians under ground over the last couple of decades while ours crippled with controversies and conspiracy theories.
3. TPLF recognized the shift of power in the North region and hesitating to make military confrontation with Amharas not because of proximity with Eritrea because they know that they can get killed too.
3. Unfortunately, the Oromo people divided into several weak factions through influence of locality that made to flourish by the organization suppose to build harmony and unity of purpose among Oromo and non-Oromo alike.
4. The consensus between G-7 and ANDM made electrify the unity among otherwise ideological different Amhara parties while the Oromo diaspora political organizations unable to make connections with Oromo nationalists among OPDO file and ranks. That lack of strategy cost us precious lives, time, and resources that would otherwise be saved.
5. Those in the North are led by smart politician; their leadership is worth noting. At large rally held in Gonder city couple of days ago, one can sense not only the manifestation of their unity but also the solidarity they showed with the Oromo people that are merciless being butchered by TPLF thugs. That show of solidarity for sure is going to have profound impact on the prospect of political evolution of Ethiopia. At that largest solidarity rally that took place in Gonder, surprisingly no shots were fired at #AmharaProtests while the Oromo keep counting endless and mounting death every single day. Some one may ask a very critical question: what is the difference between #OromoProtest and #AmharaProtests when they both oppose the same vicious enemy of people? Why TPLF decided to spare the Amharas while continue killing Oromo? As said above, it may be a shift of power and also may be some other factors. What ever the TPLF strategy might be, as far the Oromo issue is concerned it is clearly the manifestation of leadership deficit. Sending money and purchasing guns on individual bases doesn’t solve the chronic lack of viable unifying political leadership.
6. Basically the Oromo political leaders weren’t honest. Their desires and visions are completely different from what they preach us in the public. Most of Oromo politicians including Shanee OLF don’t believe in an independent and sovereign Oromia. Whether we believe it or not, this was and still is the major sticking point. Please see the attached pictures below.

We never ever had guns since general Waqoo’s time. Even that was limited to Bale.

There were no Oromo organization that had enough gun or time to arm or to train the Oromo mass. All Oromo organizations that joined the TPLF during transitional time in 1991 lasted about one year and were kicked out of the county. Of corse obbo Lenco agreed to jail over 20,000 fighters, which I believe was done by the order of the western Devils, USA being the leader of the evil plot against the Oromo people.

2nd. Oromia is land locked country unlike Gondar, Tigrai and Eritrea.

3rd. The Gondar PDOs remain to be part of the TPLF with an exception of Tamirat Layne a man whom Malasa jailed for a while.

4th. The Amhara PDO ideology of fighting to save empire Ethiopia is greater than the TPLF. Hence, the two support each other as natural brothers often do. Both are Habashas and the Oromo proverb “Harreen yoo wal dhiittee, ilkaan wal irraa hin cabsitu” should give us meaning here.

5th. The Amharas were armed by the TPLF and the reason to arm the Amharas goes beyond suppressing the Oromo, Anyuwak, Gambella etc. The Amharas are looked as natural defense army against Egypt, Sudan, Oromo, ogadenia, Sidaamaa and Eritrea.

The list can go further but these are the main ones.

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