The Finfinnee master plan and prof. Guutuu Hirphasa’s(Girma Weldesenabt) interview Rundassa Asheetee Hundee-By Rundaasaa Asheetee Hundee

The Finfinnee master plan and prof. Guutuu Hirphasa’s(Girma Weldesenabt) interview
Rundassa Asheetee Hundee


Citizenship to Oromia comes with accountability and willingness to participate in the political process. So far, Oromia has lost tens of thousands of good men and women to the TPLF team that is widely disliked by 90 million people of the empire. We also have many people who are unwilling to spend their time, money or knowledge on Oromo related projects. Mean time, there are individuals who take advantage of situation created by these gaps. As I was listening to prof. Guutuu Hirphasa’s interview on OMN, matters mentioned above occupied my mind forcing me to question professor Guutuu’s goal. Although most of Prof. Guutuu (Girma’s) explanations were focussed on logistics, sewer treatment and public health matters, the part of the question that he avoided to answer caught my attention the most.

let me just say from the outset that what was taking place around Finfinee and all over Oromia since 2014 has been and still is an ethnic cleansing process instead of public health mater. Failure to honesty explain this fact in a comprehensive way can have adverse effect on the mass that is fighting for t’s economic and cultural survival as much as it can hurt professor Guutuu’s personal and professional integrity. In other words, a failure to rationally evaluate the situation on the ground for fear of prosecution by the group in power is simply an act of self-serving effort. For example, if one judges the speeches that Gammachis Buubaa and Bal’inaa Sarkaa are giving these days, it is crystal clear that these two are used by the regime in power and the western countries that created them. Simply put, these two men are using God to confuse the people who are listing to them. Unless the TPLF and the American state department hired Jesus to help with Finfinnee master plan, it is impossible for any religious man to receive revelation on food production, road construction, mining and urban planning.

Ballina Sarka told his Tigre journalist that he received a revelation about Ethiopia’s economy that he said will grow at the rate the TPLF has been telling the world for 25 years. Listening to Gammachis Buuba and Bal’inaa Sarkaa talking so seamlessly, I can’t help it but laugh at their stupid drama.

Any way, as I listen to prof. Guutuu’s interview, my phone rang and I picked it up. When I told the caller that I was writing this article, he told me not to criticize the professor even though I disagree saying that to avoid criticizing my friend is dishonesty and hurts the Oromo people’s interest. Honestly though, I stopped writing and left my house until I returned home and watched the Oromia Muslims prayers that encouraged me to come back to the writing of this article.

Comparing the hypocritically charged preaching of Gammachis Buubaa and Bal’inaa Sarka to the Muslim Oromo prayers, I was able to understand how stupid, illogical, dishonest, and malicious people who avoid critiquing someone because that person comes from the same locality or tribal background can be the. Any way, I want to thank our Muslim Oromos for being honest in their prayers.

When I come back to prof. Guutuu Hirphasa (Girma W/Sanbat), interview, I felt that he was trying to go around the issue. What is true is that the master plan has everything to do with genocide rather than sanitation and public health that prof. Guutuu was talking about. By not telling the truth as it is, I felt that the professor failed himself as well as the Oromo people as a nation. By avoiding to talk about the reason behind the rise of the Oromo people protest from Mandi to Giddier, from Wallo to Boran or Guji, from center to the world at large, prof. Guutuu failed all of us. For example, he frequently and justifiably talked how the master plan should have been handled. When he did, he intentionally ignored the common reason responsible for the death of the oromo students in Haroo-Mayaa, Bulee Horaa, Maddaa Walaabuu, Naqamtee, Waliso, Leemman, Sooddoo etc place. He also forgot that tens of thousands of students still live in the jungle, others already died while trying to cross the indian ocean, others suffer in Smalia, Kenya, Uganda, Libya or elsewhere in the world. Prof. Guutuu failed to honestly explain why the Oromo students were hanged all over the country by the TPLF spy network. In Amhara region and in Tigre regions, in Salaalee, Sulultaa, in Ambo or Gudar, students bodies were common to find under the bridge or being suspended on the tree. In Horro Guduruu, Midaa Qanyii, Naqamtee,Ilu abba Boraa, Qeebbee or Mandii, people were killed and their bodies were discarded. The Shashamannee recent stubbing of innocent Oromians, the Asalla uprising, the robe mascara are never matters of sewer treatment or public health nor it is about economic development but it is about ethnic cleansing!

The way I understand it, intellectuals are asked questions so that they can help clear things up and stir the mass movement to one clear direction. This being always true however, to go around it or to label it as matter of urban planning or health related problem is a violation of logic as much as it is a violation of standards of rational evaluation process required by science. True, prof. Guutuu may have spoken the truth about his expertise or about the public health he was discussing on OMN but he didn’t seem to comprehend the Oromo liberation movement that caused the death of hundreds and resulted in the jailing of 100,000 young and old. By avoiding these and other related subjects, the prof. failed to commit himself to higher standards of professionalism. By trying to address the Oromo cause so superficiality, the prof. manifested all the characters that have failed the Oromo political organizations in general. In the past, we criticized the OLF leaders and even gave them all kinds of titles, i.e, localist, partial, unwise, arrogant etc. However, by reducing the oromo liberation movement to urban planing problem, prof. Guutuu has done more disservice than helping the Oromo youth who are suffering in torture chambers all over the rotten empire. To begin with, Prof. Guutuu was supposed to separate his field of study from politics, and honestly strive to explain the matter as it is with highest intellectual standards.

There is no doubt that there are significant amount correlation between science and the Finfinnee master plan. Nonetheless, using these correlations to hide the truth for which the people of Ambo, Jaldu, Gindabarat and Mettaa decided to gallop their horse all the way to Finfinnee and fight the enemy is nothing but an effort to blur the truth. Prof. Guutuu’s effort to equate the Oromo liberation movement to master plan and land matters to the ones that took place in Madagascar or in Uganda suffers from a significant blurring between research and practice. Regarding master plan, cultural genocide, murder, etc,.. OMN had conducted so many interviews and it worth it to go back and listen to them. Someone who claims to have so much knowledge on empirical science must do better than this.

I understand that the prof. may often travel back and forth between Finfinnee and Sweden and may need to avoid saying the things that may offend the OPDO/TPLF. But regardless of what strategy he might have for his safety, hiding the truth is like laughing at those who died, those whose arms and legs are cut off, including those who still suffer in empire Ethiopia’s prison cells today. For example, Baqalaa Garbaa, Dajanee Xaafaa and other thousands of fellow intellectuals suffer of torture as we speak. By using the exploration of the reason behind the jailing of these dedicated Oromians, to show our faces on TV screen and yet avoid to address the core problem is not science or the truth.

Prof. Guutuu Hirphas’s criticism against the Oromo intellectuals regarding the so called master plan is also the same as Gammachis Buubaa and Bal’inaa Sarkaa misquoting or mis-representing God. Of course the two western puppets talk about TPLF political economy in the name of God to intentional confuse our people and slow down the liberation movement.

Although prof. Guutuu’s analysis reveals no manipulation of the truth, his diplomatic approach to the entire matter reflects what is wrong with the Oromo politics at institution level in general. It seems to me that this sort of attitude has been the source of contention in Oromo politics. Hence, what the oromo intellectuals need to do is to stop putting self ahead of the Oromo people. To do that, it is very important that we build a new political culture where open debate can take place based on evidence. That means, we can engage in an evaluation of our liberation movement, city planning or economics using scientific techniques but distinguishing self interest from group interest, God from politics, fear from bravery is very important.

In prof. Guutuu’s case, I would have never had any problem if he payed attention to FINFINNEE MASTER PLAN in particular but by trying to analyze culture, language, politics, urban planning etc all in-one, he went far and sounded distortionist, which I think is morally wrong.

Like I said above, the two demagogues, Ballina and Gammachis use God and distorted the truth as they spoke so clearly standing in front of naive and unsuspecting audience. For sure, their venture is so profitable to them financially and politically. Above and beyond the money they make, they get protection from the regime they are promoting so passionately while greatly benefiting from the western underground intelligence networks. No matter how much they make and what types of protection they get from the regime in power, demagoguery is wrong and immoral no matter what.

What is true is that there is no God in the absence of morality, nor there is progress in the absence of honest intellectual exercise. Having principle is so important that the most significant war in human history was waged over it and, indeed, continues today. Those who are trying to promote self interest by using public affairs would always limit the progress of the public by hiding the crimes of those who cling to power by force.

To day, the TPLF is using several strategies to achieve what the American state department calls “Political order.” Among these strategies found bribery, using men such as Balina Sarka and Gammachis Buubaa as means of dividing and calming the oromo protest, raising teachers wages, pushing war on Eritrea and Somalia, letting the TPLF team be part of UN security council, lobbying for Tewodiros Adhinom to become director of World Health Organization and building houses for the family of those who lost their children to the regime’s bullets.

All these things done however, one thing will remain unchanged. The oromo people’s distaste for totalitarianism has reached its climax and nothing can reverse it. The only way the American state department continue to rule it’s new colony and achieve order is by understanding that order can not be established without justice and without the opportunity that people are craving.

Rundassa Asheetee ti

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