Refelections on Getacho Reda and Lencho Bati Interview

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When a power plays in the field of ignorant minds, it becomes very dangerous to ordinary citizens before its own destruction! Excessive reactions out of fear and insecurity like a wounded wild animal is one of manifestations of power in the field of ignorant minds. Easily puffing up, pride and arrogance are also typical characters of such a mind. When justice and freedom is denied under such a cloud of dictatorship, it must be demanded- not to be begged for or negotiated for, and such a demand must be a full-time duty; not a part-time one.

By stating that, “OLF has been there for 50 years, and has done nothing for Oromo people….,” Mr. Getachew Reda has an A+ point there., and it is a legitimate statement!

Is Mr. Lencho Bati ready to go and sit down and share power with the TPLF-led regime and its cronies responsible for the ongoing criminal and robbery activities on a daily basis? Still haven’t they given up hoping to join with the armed state terrorists? There is no great achievement without a risk. Demanding for justice and freedom is one of the greatest things one has to fight for. It is natural reaction in the process of self defence. Unfortunately, it seems that Mr. Lencho Bati does not seem to be ready for that, and therefore,…… So, let him join them when Ginbot 7 takes over!
With regards
Mike Gellal

The debate is very interesting and at face value there is nothing wrong with two different ideologist debating, and leenco’s involvement is good thing in general. However, Leenco should have taken (ODF) out of the equation and simply focused on the Oromo issues as a whole. Leenco had clearly mentioned obbo Baqalaa garba and others being prisoned by TPLF thugs, but yet he is contradicting himself by speaking on behalf of (ODF) and appearing to be begging to go back to oromiyaa to share power. How on earth ODF fate is any different from (OFC) if lencco and his group goes back to oromiyaa today?

Lencco also failed to accurately articulate the dominance of TPLF in every critical sectors such as military, economy, and politics, and instead mentioned things like the control of “foreign ministry”. He should have also explicitly focused on TPLF thugs, because “EPRDF” is simply TPLF, EPRDF is managed and controlled by TPLF and he should have made that clear. When the TPLF thug labeled OLF terrorist, and alluded that ODF must separate itself from OLF, Leenco should have unequivocally condemned that term “terrorist’ and not agreed with the TPLF thug (Reda). Despite its failure and short coming due to external and internal enemies, OLF is not a terrorist and will never be a terrorist as it represents all 40-50 million oromiyaans. If one calls OLF terrorist, then one must be crazy because they are labeling 50 million oromiyaans as a terrorist, and obbo lencoo should have defended the Oromo mass that he appears to be representing through his organization (ODF). If there is any shame it’s this part that is clearly shameful not participating on the debate itself, but failing to defend the Oromo people is clearly shame.

The other interesting point that no one had mentioned thus far is that the moderator (Hassan) did a fabulous job, by hitting issues heads on. For instance, when he motioned the control of parliament by the ruling party, and asked the TPLF thug (Reda) in which country the ruling party controls the government 100%? He truly exposed/revealed the arrogance and facade of TPLF out in the open for everyone to see. The TPLF thug (Reda) is a big lair and at the same time arrogant who lack zero understanding of this 21st century. He seems to suggest OLF has been around for 50 years, and has done nothing for Oromo people as if he and his dogs are doing something for Oromo people, unless of course he considers the massacre of 500 oromomiyans as doing something for oromos. OLF has done something for Oromo people that is why they the (TPLF) thugs are shaken up by current protest spear headed by (qubee generation) that was born with in the past 25 years.

Even though OLF is currently weak, and disorganized the current protest is a seed that had been planted by OLF/Oromo nationalist 25 years a go, and the thug (Reda) should understand that. Obviously, he clearly knows OLF did not achieve what it set to achieve mainly due to infiltration by TPLF agents and their counter part Eritrea that had crippled this organization from within to this date. But to suggest OLF had not achieved anything for the past 50 years is simply disingenuous. One can see TPLF is slowly moving toward dialogue, but we should not be fooled by this gesture, because the Abyssinians always try to appear humane when cornered, and feeling some heat. While TPLF controls, politics, military, and economy it’s simply naïve to believe there is a prospect for genuine democratic governance.

The only way TPLF would practice democratic governance is if we the oromos flex our muscle. We must arm our people as much as we can so that they can defend themselves from this brutal regime in organized fashion. At the same time, when there is an opportunity to debate with an enemy camp, we must defend all Oromo people and our organizations despite our differences. We can not let TPLF thug label any Oromo organization “terrorist” on a platform that we are participating on. Lencco had failed to defend the Oromo mass and simply focused on (ODF) as if ODF does not represent Oromo people but itself. Defending oromiyaans is simply defending all genuine Oromo organizations regardless of our differences.

Adunyaa Dhinssaa

Liars start lying once. Then they repeat that same lie over and over until they believe the it is truth and everyone else agrees with them. In his interview with Aljazeera today, Ganen Getachew Reda repeated the same old lie the late Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi started.

By painting OLF a terrorist organization and thereby repeating the same old fabricated charge the world has rejected, Getachew Reda made a fool not only of himself but also of the regime he serves. The TPLF/EPRDF regime had lobbied the West to declare OLF, ONLF and Ginbot 7 terrorist organizations but they said no. The West knows terrorism is not raising arms against dictatorial regimes. They know that people have good reasons to fight for their rights and that is why they refused to label the Ethiopian organizations terrorist.

Mr Ganen Getachew Reda and the regime he serves will continue calling OLF terrorist but they must know the entire world views the organization differently. That is why it has legally registered offices in European and American cities. Ato Ganen Getachew must also know that the world understands the “terrorist” label for OLF is a weapon used by the TPLF/EPRDF regime to terrorize Oromos in Ethiopia.

Solomo Ungushe

Lets be very clear. The Oromo Liberation Front was not and is not a terrorist organization. It has never committed an act of terrorism which is defined as the use of violence against civilians to advance a political agenda. In fact despite existence of several rebel groups, there is no single opposition organization that is engaged in terrorist activity in Ethiopia. The only entity that uses violence against civilians to advance politics the the Tigrean Liberation Front. If there is a terrorist, its the ruling party. Just because the Tigrean mafia declares an opposition group a terrorist, it doesn’t make it one. We might disagree with ideologies, tactics and leaders of these organization, but we shall not distance ourselves just because the ruling mafia barked the word ‘terrorist’.

Remember, every person or organization that opposes TPLF is labeled terrorist to justify persecution. Journalist who write dissenting views, farmers who oppose being evicted from land, teachers who protect their students, political leaders of legal opposition are in jail accused and convicted of terrorism by the kangaroo court. Thus, by buying into TPLF’s narrative about terrorism for whatever reason, would inadvertently be contributing towards its strategy of using the ‘terrorism’ discourse to silence dissent and prolong totalitarian rule.

Jawar Mohamad

“We broke our ties with the OLF long time ago” says Lencoo Baati of the ODF merely to appease the notoriously vulgar Ethiopia’s Minister of Disinformation, Getachew Reda. Undoubtedly, Oromos are too proud to subscribe to such self defeating gibberish. Only ODFites have every reason to be ashamed of a willful capitulation they have charted in a very well structured scheme known as the ODF. This is a very trying time to be an Oromo even if Oromoness will ultimately be allotted  the rightful place in history, of course!
Ragasa Oljira
Two major issues surface out from the debate between Getachew Reda and Lenco Bati: Firstly, from whatever dimension it comes, EPRDF’s coming to public debate with Oromo political organization is one step forward and this should be practiced at home as well. We should commend this. Second, reality and truth are always powerful, and the debate revealed Lenco Bati’s dominance because he has been speaking realities on the ground, and not political rhetoric.
Regassa Forward

I have watched Lencho Bati versus ‪#‎Getachew_Reda‬ debate on ‪#‎Upfront‬ of ‪#‎Mehdi_Hassan‬.

Getachew was talking the usual non-sense.

In case of Lencho it is good that he raised the asymmetrical domination of the political space by one group.

However,he spent most of his time speaking about ODF than focusing on the fundamental demand of Oromo for which the people are protesting.

Even if the regime yield to the demand of allowing ODF to go home and operate, Oromo people’s demand would not be solved. The need of establishing the organization itself is to pursue the unmet demand of the public as to my understanding.

I know the time was too short to raise many issues, but articulating Oromo People demand which is the raison d’être of ODF and many other Oromo groups should have been the main focus of the interview.

Unmet and legitimate demand of our people , unabated oppression and perpetual exploitation of Oromo people should be the issue that we should bring to stage whenever we have a chance to speak out.

It is very important that we should start reflecting on our modus operandi.

The good thing is that Getachew indirectly admitted that one group is asymmetrically dominating security, foreign and defense.

Geresu Tufa

It was good to listen to know what may be happening in the near future . For me it signals that TPLF is going to open up a dialogue with the so called the opposition party/parties . But i wanted to raise some questions : that ..
1). One has to asses the position of the ruling part the TPLF and  how far they are in control of the state apparatus and their brutal actions to suppress legitimate demands specially from the Oromo protests.   Is there any argent issue which may force them to share power with any relevant party in this regard . Do they have the history of negotiated resolutions with fairness attitudes with any party since then they came on power?  
2). Is there any relevant part by definition of a party and which could stand by it self alone ? I dout .  
If there is a party which may be must denounce OLF as a “terrorist ” organization and accept the TPLF constitution is among the preconditions for the Oromo organizations. As we know OLF was stagnant by actions and finally got fragmented. Those parties emerged from the fragmentations of OLF couldn’t move forward either. Because the OLF which was stagnant, weak and finally disintegrated  still exists in the minds of millions. The seeds they have planted are raising up. If any reasonable negotiated solution may emerge must be all inclusive. Other wise it will be the theater we have been witnessing , the way to buy time , dived the oppositions and finally eliminates the challenges.  To avoid such a dangerous scenario there should be a grouping of opposition parties, with a platform/a roadmap which may solve common interests.  When you have a platform of common interests you have a policy to discus. Other wise one may be a victim on both sides. I think this what was happened. 

Rabuma Gada

Akkam Jirtu obolii;
Let me say from the outset that Adunya has eloquently explained the things I had in mind and I thank him for that.  Further, all those who have put forth their thoughts in sober way are appreciated.  This said, let me add few thing to the on going discussion.  First of all, I know that many ODF members first reaction to our criticism to obbo Leencoo’s performance will be “What would you do if it is you in place of obbo Leencoo?”
Leaving our excitement aside, let’s agree that both the Tigrean man and obbo Leencoo had their own game plans before they agree to be interviewed by Aljaziira.  If we agree on this basic truth, lets ask who was better prepared to win this contest.  Did obbo Leelcoo play his game well?  How about the Tigrean man?   Now, before we get going into the evaluation process, let’s also agree that explaining everything about the Oromo plight in 10 minutes is much more complex than we think. 

Are we ready?   Ok then.
Here is my take on obbo Leenco’s game plan and performance.
1.  Obbo Lenco said that the OPDO was the creation of the EPRDF.   For me, there is a huge difference between the TPLF and the EPRDF, because the TPLF created the OPDO and the EPRDF for it’s use. Thus, engaging the Tigre agent by recognizing the fact that OPDO was the creation of the EPRDF is a loser game. 
2. Obbo Leencoo continued saying “THE ETHIOPIAN GOVERNMENT” which I think is a great victory for the minority Tigreans who badly want to hear that.  After legitimizing the TPLF as Ethiopia’s elected and legitimate government, obbo Leencoo continued to demand that his party need to be given a chance to be part of the so called ETHIOPIAN GOVERNMENT.  By the way, even the OMN says ” Mootummaa Itophaa”.  As far as I know, the term “MOOTUMMAA” comes from term Mootii.  That means, whenever Abdii Fiixee says ” Mootummaa Itophaa”, he is accepting the fact that the Tigreans are his Mootii’s or the masters (winners).  Mootii… mohachuu.. Mo’uu.
3. By legitimizing the Tigre rulers as Ethiopia’s legitimate leaders, obbo Leencoo showed a commitment to support what he recognized as legitimate government that should go forward and carry out it’s game plan of nation building that Leenco wants to be part of and help with enthusiasm.  In other words, obbo Leenocoo’s game should have been the to de-legitimization of  the illegitimate killer group. Instead, obbo Lenco pleaded to work alongside this fascistic group.
4. When the Tigrean  man tried to bring in the OLF, no thought seem to cross obbo Leencoo’s mind as to why the man kept talking about the OLF.  On the Tigrean man side, the game was to blame  the OLF for causing this legitimate government such a pain by rousing the mass movement that is engulfing the sick empire.  We know that a revolution is going on all over Oromia almost for years now and someone has to be behind this revolution.  Obviously, it is not the ODF, who now enjoys the attention from the TPLF because of the mass revolt we all are witnessing.   Further more, TPLF’s declaration of war on Eritrea is part of the TPLF frustration against the OLF. 

5. By acting as the representative of the Oromo people and of the on going revolution, obbo Leencoo has undermined the OLF, which I think is not only opportunistic move but a dangerous game to play forward going. If nothing else, he could have defended the OLF but he rather affirmed to the Oromo people that the ODF has abandoned the OLF because it is bad organization? right?


In general, obboo Leencoo must have been a quick thinker and let the Tigre man know that the OLF is a legitimate Oromo organization for whom the mass sings waving it’s flag. He could have invited the Tigre man to listen to hundreds of Oromo protest songs and slogans that praises WBO.   When the Oromo youth removed Malasaa’s poster and replaced it with the OLF flag, the TPLF has been watching and dying from within.  This can’t be hidden since the journalist himself had the OLF and the TPLF flags next to each other on his large screen.


Most importantly, obbo Leencoo and his ODF team must recognize that they were wrong when they tried to convice Obbo Dawud Ibsa and his organization to lay their guns down and accept the Ethiopian constitution and struggle in a peaceful means.  What peace? where is it?  If the Tigreans are such peace lovers, why are they killing 5 years old babies, pregnant woman or 90 years old elderly men and woman?   If they understand peace, why did they kicked out obbo Lenco Lata out of his own country?
Finally, I am ashamed to hear that a Tigrean giving permission to obbo Lenco the right to return to Oromia, his own ancestors land.  If I were sitting in obbo Leencoo’s chair, I would have told the arrogant man that he has no right to live in Finfinnee and that he needs to go back to Tigrai.
Rundassa Asheetee ti

Oh. what a shame! instead of debating and showing the wrong doings of the TPLF, Lencoo’s major argument was his (“ODF’s) distancing of itself from the OLF.  He was trying to please the TPLF man and get the permission to go home and share the political space.   The Oromo knows that that the ODF has recently formed a kind of “alliance” with the OLF. Mind you, distancing from the OLF was not the theme of the debate. The Aljazera journalist did a better defense for the Oromo than the supposedly Oromo, the Leenco!!! we just have to live with such a wicked “representaton” and shame!

Oli B.
Nageeni issin bira haa jiraatu.
It is interesting to watch the unfolding dramatic scheme between the TPLF spokesperson and renegade Oromo elites. From this exchange of 1st ever televised debate between TPLF and Oromo political organizations, I have not seen any gesture by the TPLF of softening their tone of voice or any sign of goodwill of opening door for dialog. Ms. Reda went on scolding, berating, and belittling OLF/ ODF disingenuous leaders. “OLF did nothing for Oromo people for more than 50 years! 50 years” said mockingly as if his TPLF comrades are the best option for Oromo/ Ethiopian people. If we have serious thought or consideration about paralyzed Oromo political organizations, Mr. Reda has a point here even though the main reason he and his cronies have unchallenged free ride is because of the weakness of the OLF/ODF leaderships. He would have given them special reward for dividing, weakening, and collapsing the Oromo struggle, the main reason why the TPLF gangsters able clinch on power for the quarter of the century. If we all say and believe that the Oromo struggle is fragmented and non-existent, it is just because of those self-serving, despotic, leaders that maintain absolute autocratic style leadership by clinging to the political power for the last 30 to 40 years. 
The solution is simply; the current faction leaders need resign from their leadership position, step aside, paving away for newer Qubee generation to take over the leadership. Looking at the bold action taken by British prime minister David Cameron resigning from his power in the aftermath of Brexit vote about 2 days ago that he voraciously bided to remain in EU membership, he took personal responsibility, accountability, and acknowledged his failures and decided to pass the power to someone who can lead the country post-exit Britain. My question to all of you is this; why in the hell these peculiar Oromo faction leaders decided to stay in power for so long when actually they miserably failed the Oromo people and it’s nation? How long they would be blamed for the fragmentation and failures of our struggle? Would they simply show wisdom and follow the example of some wisest African leaders like Nelson Mandela that left power with honor? Are we ever lucky to witness and see a unity convention where the peaceful transfere of power based on Gada constitution is illustrated and materialized? Or I am just naive to suggest that? Let us change the tenor of debate and bring alternative views and bring  those disenfranchised Oromo nationalists.

Obboleessa koo Qaasim;

Indecisiveness, tribalism, lawlessness and lack of understanding of the true meaning of Oromo nationalism has fragmented the Oromo along many small identities.  The failure of  Oromo organizations is part of this truth.  In other words, those who have tried and failed  knew nothing more than what you and I know because their actions and attitudes mirrors their societal views.

Their failure therefore, is part of our backwardness reflected in our inferior characteristics in which locality tend to be more important than the Oromo nationalism. By locality, I am talking about the Shawaa, Arsi, Wallagga, Jimmaa, Boranaa or gujii identities.  Some even go to as far as calling their clubs the Booran community organization while the religious groupings stick to their circles and promote the idea that they think will facilitate best life for them in a place (planet) called heaven. I am sure you are very well aware of what these things really are. In short, each group sings and dances following the rituals of their worldview and promote those views more than they promote Oromummaa. It is true though that those who are under 30 years of age carry less localist and borrowed religious cultures in their minds and that is really the good  news for the future of Oromia.

What’s weird about those who are older than 30 years of age is that they are so quick to point to the fact that we share similar language and music but they shy away when it comes to explaining the evil that lurks inside religious identities and religion based social habits.

The social habits they’ve learned from borrowed world views goes a step further when it comes to weakening our shared patterns of behaviors and interactions.  In such social environment, it is very difficult to construct well discipled national organization.
By that, I am meaning that people who are divided along tribal and religious lines can’t produce national figure who can, in return, understand what it takes to lead all these fractured segmentation of the Oromo social groups.  for example, we see how Muslims and christians socialization are limited to their own particular circle. The only group that can get along with every Oromo social groupings are those who do not belong to christianity and Muslim sects. As such, the Waaqefatas play the role of bridging sectarian units but they are too few in number.   Until the number of unifiers grow, fostering universal Oromo social culture is very difficult.  Hence, until such time comes, the resignation of those who created an organization with their own sheer determination and commitment will not produce the result we all desire to see.
Rundassa Asheetee ti

“The resignation of those who created an organization with their own sheer determination and commitment will not produce the result we desire to see”

Obbol Rundassa 

I am not sure if I read your correctly. The problem our fragmentation, divisions along line of tribe, localities, and regions are born out of no where. There were conceived, born, nurtured, and promoted by the Oromo political leaders,  especially those based among us here in diaspora. If we pay close attention to what they say, attend their secret meetings or heard their conversation, they officially promoting hatred among Oromo people. Their die hard supporters are few remaining individuals inspired by locality influences. The OLF sheer propaganda campaign has been targeting individuals or groups of people who critical to its policies. OLF leaders broke the Oromo traditional social bond that survived for many centuries. We are facing uncertain future as result of political and social crunch invented by these crooked and self-serving dangerous politicians. For anyone who pay close attention to the vibrant Oromo resistance against tyranny in the last 6 months, they seem to overcome the divisions invented by the renegade leaders of our generation. The Qubee generations speak the same language in the fight against political, social, and economic injustices. They never say I am Borana, Wallaga, Arsii, Muslim, Christian, Waaqefanna and etc. They raise together, they are fighting together, and dying together. The manifestation of unity and the signature their slogans are the testimony that the problem is not the Oromo public. The truth of that chronic political problems lies deep in the heart of those claim to be Oromo political leaders. 

Back to the above quote I took out of your statements: my response to that assertion is that they didn’t build political organization, they rather hijacked and owned the Oromo Liberation movement as their personal property with their sheer determination.



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