Evaluating the Tigreans project of nation building

The TPLF bosses believe that they had worked very hard to earn the power they currently control. For that reason, they want their subjects to recognize this reality and live accordingly. This has been true for all those who ruled the Abyssinian empire. Terms such as “Adaraa Minilik! or Adaraa Haylasilaasee” comes from recognizing that things are unto the power of these men, thus he who didn’t stop what he was doing when he was told to stop it in the name of God appointed kings, should be and will be punished.

Similarly, those 400 Oromians who refused to recognize the supreme being of Malasa Seena were punished by death. Hence, the distance between the way the TPLF bosses think and the way the Oromians think are far away from each other like the earth is from the sun.

What must be clear to all of us therefore, is that the TPLF project for which they work so selflessly is a real task that they have to undertake no matter what. This project of theirs has a continuity or it is infinitive by nature. To translate the theoretical aspect of this project, they have multiple institutions, i.e, a spying network, a killing squad know as Agaazii, the police force, propaganda outlets, diplomatic structures and lawyers who would go around the world and corrupt government officials important to them. All these institutions have permanent tasks they do 24 hours a day, thus they are not one-time special events similar to our dhiichisaa and Shaggoyyee entertainment and fun events. Further more, these TPLF institutions are not regimented nor regulated. The Agazii will continue to kill any time and anywhere while the spying tasks require selfless effort of checking people-aganist-people, either face-to-face, eye-to-eye, voice-to-ear, heart-to-heart, spirit-to-spirit, and hand-in-hand, any time and anywhere.

Each men and women involved in this task believe that they are working on a purpose higher than everything. That means, BUILDING A NEW NATION that never opposes to the development of Tigrai is higher than anything in their minds. This higher task may require the killing of innocent children as long as they failed to understand the purpose for what the Tigreans came to Dhakaa Araraa. In other words, their NATION BUILDING process demands the sacrifice of life/blood just like Nabi abba korma that demands the slater of real Kormmaa, needed for the blessing of Salggan ilmaan Boorana, Shanan Galaan, Torbban Kutaayee and Arffan Qall’oo.

Now, if we want to match our project with the TPLF project, we must recognize that we too are social beings; that each of us’s destiny is welded to the destiny of our fellow Oromians, including to those whose social system is similar to our’s. We must further recognize that we too need to be recognized as humans who deserves no death by our colonizers bullets. If we are able to keep our desire to be recognized as people who have own land, own language, own government system, we too can build the institutions that the TPLF built and use against us today.

I recon that there is an intense desire within each of us to live as free humans. But this feeling of unity and togetherness only comes through unspoken demonstrations of love for who we are. It comes in the quiet, reverent moments of conversation and in listening. It comes from a still voice that constantly reminds us that we are the OROMIANS!.

To get the recognition we need, we must stop to focus on our tribe and on our borrowed Gods. There is no time in human history when tribalist men BUILT DIVERSE SOCIETY. Similarly, men who believe in the God they have borrowed from somewhere can not lead a diverse society because they can’t work with those whose views are different from their’s. Most importantly, those whose lives are filled with egotism can’t be free from selfishness. Egoistic men and women rather focus on momentary pleasure, they love recognition and praise all the time. These types of people want more all the time. If they don’t get it in one way, they will try in another. If they can’t obtain it by being one’s natural self, they will try to get it by acting out unnaturally. The longing to be popular and to be praised by one’s peers, and to receive the recognition is a very powerful force that is pulling us apart right now. But it is vain to seek praise or recognition by leaving the 50 million Oromians welfare. Therefore, our proper focus must be centered on selflessness. Of all influences that caused us to choose the wrong political path so far is the strongest selfishness we share. That’s why we are the weak that can not be strengthened, the ignorant that can’t be taught, and the lost that can’t be recovered. The selfishness we are suffering from is the absence of recognizing larger Oromia and the abandonment and the rejection of the Umaa that created beyond our galaxy. Selfish ignorants would like to pray in an isolation so that their souls, (ekeraa) or consciousness would travel alone to this imaginary place they call the heaven. The heaven in their view is located east of the sun and west of certain moon. Could it be one of the stars we see with our necked eyes every night? who knows.

Any how, this so called heaven, they say is so enticing and there is no work, no building is needed and no clothing factories necessary because it is not cold nor hot. Once there, everyone can chose to be 18 years of age or 25, the age that give one the energy to have sex all day long with 70 virgin girls. Once the 70 girls become women, there will another 70 and it goes like that for ever because there is no aging in heaven. I don’t know why having sex is so important but they assume it is a good thing. No one knows if babies can be made in heaven but sex is done anyway. They also say that sex need to be limited here on earth to those who can afford it and time also dictate when to produce babies and when not to do it. Step one to this priority is to cover woman’s head, whether she has a hair or not. The problem is though, the Ethiopians are already over doing. At any event, I always wonder though why west African women are required to cover their bold head. Wasn’t the hair that need to be cover so that man is not tempted?

Regardless of whatever the reason that demands the protection of the woman’s head, minimizing the natural gift we are allowed to have our own free country has kept us under the status of being one of 90 Ethiopia’s tribes. That is why we must think about the depth of our involvement in our tribal or the Gods we all have borrowed and see if recognizing the umaa that created the entire universe is more important, rather than just choosing one of the gods we’ve borrowed from Arabia (middle east).

Rundasaa Asheetee Hundee

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