The Nation under genocide and the need for a unity leadership to combat it: The Oromo case January, 2016-By Leenjiso Horo

The Nation under genocide and the need for a unity leadership to combat it: The Oromo case January, 2016
By Leenjiso Horo

My slavery forbade me to speak; the truth forbade me to keep silent says African adage. This is a dilemma Oromo nationals have faced. There are Oromo nationals who failed to speak out as the objective of Oromo struggle is abandoned; as the OLF is at the verge of collapse; as the Tigrayan fascist force of darkness has been and is committing genocide against the Oromo people and targeting Oromiyaa for disintegration. I refused to keep silent and instead I choose to speak out the truth.

Facing the hard truth

Today, the Oromo are confronted a dual danger: Internal and external. We need to open our eyes anew to this dual danger. Internally, since 1999 to-date the OLF, the Oromo struggle, and the Oromo people have been without leadership. Those who claim to be a leadership have been unable to lead this nation, this organization and this liberation struggle. The reason is simply they have no a vision and a clear goal. A leadership without a vision creates chaos, conflicts and divisions within nation and organization that it claims to represent. Here what should be clear is a leadership without a vision is a leadership without destination. A leadership without destination has no direction. Hence, it waffles over where to go. At times it says Ethiopian democratization; at another time it says Ethiopian federalization; and still at another time it says independence of Oromiyaa. Think of a vision as a picture of the future that we fighting for to establish-the independence Democratic Republic of Oromiyaa. This is our destination. Hence our vision is our target. In our fighting we establish a roadmap that takes us to the targeted point- armed and political struggle. In this struggle, we have only two options: either to eliminate the TPLF or to be eliminated by it. The choice is ours. Certainly, our choice is to eliminate it. For this, we stop at nothing until Oromiyaa is liberated and the TPLF is annihilated. For this, the armed struggle and political struggle are our roadmaps that take us to the target. An organization without a leadership or organization with leadership that does not have determination, commitment, competence and clear objective cannot survive. In this case, the objective, the goal and revolutionary actions will be diluted. Oromo national liberation movement has faced such conditions. So, we failed to speak against these.

First of all, the Oromo political leadership has already abandoned the country for exile and scattered around the world while the Oromo people are under genocide and Oromiyaa is under destruction. With this, it has become a remote leadership. No liberation front leadership in history has ever abandoned its country, its people, its organization and the national liberation struggle and became a remote leadership in the like of the current leadership of the OLF. In so doing, this “leadership” has ruined the OLF. On the contrary, the former Secretary Generals

Galaasaa Dilboo

Magarsaa Barii and Galaasaa Dilboo as Secretary-General of the OLF had never left Oromiyaa; never abandoned their people, their organization and the struggle of their people. They fought gallantly in the villages, valleys, plains and mountains of Oromiyaa selflessly with bravery, courage and determination despite all odds the OLF had faced. This was during the darkest time in the Oromo national liberation struggle. They saved the Oromo struggle and the OLF. Indeed, they fought a fight of true fighters. Amilcar Cabral had never abandoned PAIGC and left Guinea Bissau, Agostino Neto never abandoned MPLA and left Angola; Filipe Nyusi did not abandoned his organization-FRELIMO to leave Mozambique; Ho Chi Minh did not abandon Vietnam; Fidel Castro never left Cuba; Mao Tse-tung had never left China, Esaias Afewerki had never left Eritrea and the fascist Meles Zenawi-the architect of Oromo genocide and Oromiyaa disintegration, had never left Tigray during their struggles and etc. The sad thing is, all political leaderships of the Oromo liberation movement, without exception, are in exile; abandoned the country and the real struggle.

Not only this, particularly since the “leadership” of the OLF left the country for exile in 1999, the rise of a sectarian climate have been facilitated leading to rifts and split of the OLF. Today, the OLF in its composition does not reflex the Oromo people. Unfortunately, the past is still with us-loyalty to local cliques. Frequently, unquestioning submission to local cliques has been long inculcated. It is narrowed down to only represent particular village at all levels from membership to leadership. One of the criteria of a national liberation front is that it must be organized in such a way that all members of the nation be able to see themselves in it. This means the composition of it from membership to the leadership at all levels must reflect the population. Liberation front is an organization of the people. For this, the OLF is the organization of the Oromo people; it is their children who fight in it; it is the Oromo people who support it; it is the Oromo people that suffer in its name. Individuals join it to contribute his/her share but they do not own it.

One of the responsibilities of the leadership of a nation is to learn the leadership principles by which its nation had been guided to become a great democratic nation in early generations. Oromo are democratic and open society. It was a great nation. Its leadership must follow this; it must be open to its members and its people. Leadership must be open to dialog and debate, above all, it must listen to its people; to its members; learn from its people and members and act according to the wish and aspiration of its people.

In order to do these, leadership has to be in its country and among its people not in exile. These have to be upheld and followed. Failure to learn these, leads to crisis. This is what has happened to the OLF. Of these democratic aspect of the Oromo people is a term limit. That is to leave office once the term of office is expired is the Oromo traditional way. In their history, the Oromo people established a term limit of eight years. True to this tradition, the OLF established term limit of eight years in its constitution. In its constitution, Article 18, No, 2, states that Secretary General is elected by the National Council from among its members for four years. He/she cannot be elected Secretary General more than two Consecutive terms. Again, Article 19, No. 1, states that deputy Secretary cannot be elected Deputy Secretary more than two Consecutive terms. This must be respected and upheld.

However, to plot and scheme to be re-elected again is contrary to the OLF constitution. The term limit of this leadership has already expired. Both Secretary-General and Deputy Secretaries cannot be re-elected. All of them have to evacuate the office.

The familiar truth
Long before the conquest of Oromiyaa, the Oromo unity under Gadaa System was abandoned. With this, kingdoms were established in many parts of Oromiyaa. For the first, disunity emerged. This disunity weakened the Oromo society at all levels. Menelik of Abyssinia used this Oromo leaderships’ disunity to his advantage and undertook a military campaign against Oromo. And he defeated all regions of Oromiyaa one by one. The familiar truth is that there has been an endless disunity of the Oromo political leaders’ to-date. Still, it is this disunity that has made the Oromo political organizations of today dysfunctional and irrelevant to the struggle. In fact, because of the disunity, the Oromo nation fell from its glory and majestic greatness of its past to humiliation in which it finds itself today under colonial occupation. Again today, it is for this disunity we are unable to fight and defeat the enemy and so fail to restore independence to Oromiyaa. As a popular saying goes, if the enemy has guns and you have spears to fight with- you have a chance to defeat it. If the enemy has nukes, and you have rocks to fight with-you still have a chance to defeat it. However, if the enemy has unity and you have disunity, there is no hope to defeat it. Today’s Oromo political leadership has failed to learn from this. And hence, we have faced a leadership crisis. As of today, no matter how we look at it, we are threatened on every front, with rifts, splits and factions. The truth is these rifts, splits and factions have become common. The reason for these is, there is no a single unifying principle- a common goal.

The Oromo people and the Oromo liberation struggle need a leadership that can fill this vacuum and wisely find a proper response to the danger hovering over them and their country. It must be a leadership that has faith in the people since people are the pillar of the struggle. As it is well- known to all, in 1992 the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) was encamped despite the opposition from the Oromo people and the Oromo nationalists. As it is often times said “Without a People’s army, the people have nothing.” This is what has happened to the Oromo people with the encampment of the OLA. This debacle happened despite the opposition by the truly national leaders like Nadhii Gammadaa, Guutamaa Hawaas, and Mul’is Abbaa Gadaa. These were truly the national leaders with ultimate determination and commitment to liberate their country. They were leaders who fought with courage and bravery. They were leaders with unparalleled self- confidence in themselves and confidence in their people. They have faith in their people and their people have faith in them. They fought with dignity and respect for their country without yielding to the enemy’s demand. For this, they paid ultimate sacrifice in their lives.

Nadhii Gammadaa Guutamaa Hawaas Mul’is Abbaa Gadaa

They were truly freedom fighters. They were the best and bravest of their generation.

The First crisis in the OLF: the encampment of the OLA
However, Daawuud Ibsaa Ayyaanaa -the then Intelligence and Security chief of the OLF, Dhugaasaa Bakakkoo- the then commander of the OLA; Abbaa Caalaa Lataa-the then commander of OLA in western zone along with Leencoo Lataa-the Deputy Secretary of the OLF at the time took upon themselves the advantage and opportunity of the Secretary-General’s travel overseas to disarm and encamp the OLA using their organizational power and political and military clout they have in the organization. The question one may raise is this: What should the Oromo people whose country is under attack and their children are under annihilation should do? The answer is certainly, not to disarm and encamp the OLA. The answer is the popular armed uprising of the Oromo population against the enemy. Who are to be blamed for the encampment of the OLA? Certainly, blame for the encampment of the OLA will not go to external forces, but to the enteral to the OLF leaders who abandoned the nation, the country, the struggle and sold out Oromiyaa to the fascist TPLF. Having encamped the OLA, these leaders left Oromiyaa for exile and ever since they are sleeping in exile. As we have seen time and again, nothing is going to walk them up.

Here are the leaders of OLF who encamped the Oromo Liberation Army in 1992

Daawuud Ibsaa Abbaa Caalaa Lataa Leencoo Lataa Dhugaasaa Bakakkoo Diimaa Nagawoo
In their action they humiliated the Oromo nation. Following the encampment, the leadership who encamped the OLA left the country for exile while Nadhii Gammadaa, Guutamaa Hawaas and Mul’is Abbaa Gadaa went back to the field of struggle and paid ultimate sacrifice in the struggle of their people. From the exile, in 2000 this group came up with what has been known as “Agenda for Peace”. In this agenda, armed struggle was renounced. Following this, in 2001 it abandoned the ‘Kaayyoo Bilisummaa’ in favor of Ethiopian democratization. With these, darkness descended upon Oromiyaa. Following this, the OLF split in 2001. Ever since, the split and formation of factions continued.

As it is well-known, at its formation the OLF had established organizational institutions to ensure collective leadership and to prevent any individual or clique from monopolizing the affairs of the organization. However, since 1992, things turned out to the contrary. Individuals have overtaken monopolizing the affairs of the organization in exclusion of collective leadership. Today tragically, solutions to important problems are decided not by the collective leadership but by individual. The established institutions and collective leadership have been turned into nominal, exist only in names, formal not real. This is why the OLF has been paralyzed since 1999 to-date. Moreover, the group also abandoned the agreements that was made at Berlin conference in 2014 and consequently the unity made at that conference has already been collapsed. What one needs to know is this. The group is collection of cliques. Most of them are same village cliques. The others are the worshippers of the cliques. These cliques mimic and imitate Abyssinian feudal cultural and political values. They use feudal methods of intrigues to divide the Oromo nationals. The style of their struggle has become a replica of Abyssinian culture of deception, trickery, lies, fabrications and manipulative propaganda in order to earn “legitimacy.” Hence to earn such “legitimacy”, the cliques have been lying to the Oromo people that they are fighting the enemy while you are not. They have been lying to the Oromo people that they are leading the Oromo national liberation struggle while you are not. In fact, they have been waffling between Ethiopian democratization, Ethiopian federalization, citizenship of Ethiopia versus democracy and independence of Oromiyaa. They tirelessly lie to our people that they are for unity of the Oromo nationalists’ political organizations while they are fleeing from the unity. And, in fact they have been working day and night to unite with Abyssinians.

One must understand that such methods and styles are the worst things to build ones pride, glory and legitimacy on. It is just like building a house on sand. Once the storm hits the house, the sand erodes; the house collapses. Similarly, once the lies, deception, fabrication, trickery and manipulative propaganda are exposed and the people enlightened about these, the pride and glory that built on them or the legitimacy earned on them will be shattered and overtaken by humiliation and disgrace. Hence, it is important not to mimic Abyssinian methods and styles of doing things. They are not the Oromo ways. The Oromo people and the Oromo nationalists are smart; they know everything. As Amilcar Cabral famously said “Tell no lies, claim no easy victory” must be followed at all times.

It is time for these cliques to abandon their respective cliquish political organization and unite into a single whole- the OLF. All of you split the OLF in your own way. It is time now to come together under united leadership. It must be understood that a good leadership is about having good ideas, good politics, about keeping the unity of the organization and its members. The time and history demand this type of leadership. It is time for all of you to learn from the great Oromo people. Today, the Oromo people have united bypassing the fractured political organizations. They have shown what the unity is to those who fail to understand the unity and its importance. They have united from east to west; from south to north and the center. The cities, towns, villages and the countryside across Oromiyaa are all united against enemy a one nation; as one people. The fact is, we are seeing the upsurge of our people against the Tigrayan fascist regime in Oromiyaa’s central, southern, northern, eastern and western regions rising like a mighty storm, like a hurricane that no power, how great it is can stop it. In unity, they are trembling the enemy from its foundation. Leadership has to come from this, not from diaspora. Leadership must evolve from the center of fire. For this, the Qubee Generation has to take the leadership of the OLF and its Liberation Army (OLA). It has the courage, determination, the strength, the will to fight. After all, Oromiyaa belongs to this Qubee Generation. For years, Oromo organizations have been going alone. In so doing, they have reached nowhere; achieved nothing. Now, it is time to go together. Learn from the Oromo people.

They are the real heroes. They have risen up in unity against the enemy, causing it to tremble and shaking the ground under its feet. It is time for the Oromo political organizations to follow suit. It is time to unite without pre-condition to fight the Tigrayan colonial fascist regime to liberate Oromiyaa. In regard to unity, I would like to quote Charles Stewart Parnell the Irish nationalist’s call out to the Irish nationalists in 1879 which is still today valid and applicable to the Oromo nationalists. His words read: “It is no use relying on the external power….You must only rely upon your own determination….Help yourselves by standing together…strengthen those amongst yourselves who are weak…, band yourselves together, organize yourselves…fight and you must win.” We need to understand that external force can help only if and when the internal resistance movement has already begun shaking its enemy to its foundation and the enemy is about to fall to pieces. Without this, outside help is unlikely to come.

The Tigrayan fascist regime Genocide of the Oromo people
Externally, the TPLF has posed the threat of physical destruction, seeking to destroy, to kill, and to annihilate our people. Today, the killings of Oromo men, women and children is rampant. Meles Zenawi, the architect of Oromo genocide put a genocide plan in this term: “The majority can become a minority.” He was reported to have made his last word to his colleagues who were at the side of his deathbed: “Comrades, this is my last words to you. Be alert; remain on vigilant; the enemy is watching you; never take your eyes off Oromo. They are dangerous to you. I have done my part in keeping them in check; now it is yours to do your part. Above all else: strengthen the army and security; never let them become weak; they are your shield and protector.” He was the architect of Oromo genocide and the partition of Oromiyaa euphemistically referred to as “Addis Ababa Integrated Master Plan.” This plan is for the implementation of the mutilation of Oromiyaa; its break up into east and west. Hence, it must be clear to all that Addis Ababa Master Plan is the Oromo removal policy to clear the Oromo land for the Tigrayan new settlers and for the foreign land grabbers. The TPLF has already started swallowing up Finfninnee. The land is taken; Oromo are displaced; Oromo language and culture are removed. That is, the Tigrayanization of Finfinnee is underway. It was said that his last words to his compatriots was “a war of extermination that he commenced to be waged until the Oromo are reduced to a minority status.” With these words, it has been said that he breathed his last breath and gone forever. His successor, Haile Mariam Desalegn, is now implementing the policy. Consequently, today the pace, the scale, and the intensity of kidnappings, arresting, and brutal killings of the Oromo men, women, and school children by the TPLF regime are unparalleled in the history of the empire.

Furthermore, ordinary men and women have been seized at their farmland, in market places or going along road; at homes, and at work places and children have been seized from schools and playground and gaged to prisons. Thousands of them have been tortured; tens of thousands have been murdered; hundreds of thousands have been disappeared without trace of their whereabouts. The exiles have been hunted and kidnaped while transiting through neighboring countries or the refugees in those countries are kidnapped with the accomplice of officials of those countries- countries such as Yemen, Kenya, Sudan and Djibouti imprisoned, tortured and murdered. Indeed, the TPLF is a regime with insatiable passion and lust to torture, rape, and murder Oromo men, women and children. This genocidal maniacs and the organized terrorist villain has been committing genocide against the Oromo people since it arrived in Oromiyaa in 1991. It is important to understand that genocide is not a political as such; it is a deliberate crime, a crime committed consciously and intentionally against a particular people on the basis of hatred of that people to exterminate it. It is on this basis that TPLF has been and is committing genocide against the Oromo people. History has shown time and gain that force, violence, intimidation, murders, and conflicts are glorified by genocidal fascist regimes as a way to gain power and glory. These are the methods TPLF has been using to annihilate the Oromo nation. The fact is this, without the notice of the world communities the Oromo people are perishing from silent genocide that the TPLF has been committing against them.

The TPLF colonial policy is and has been for the depopulation of Oromiyaa. To accomplish this, a systematic Colonial violence, prolonged campaign of brutality and sadism, a policy of torture, mass murder and eviction of population from their land are underway. As it is clear, since 1991 TPLF has been on a killing spree, targeting as many Oromo as it could regardless of sex or age. Its campaign is for the destruction of Oromo nation. For this, it has undertaken a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of the Oromo people, with the aim of annihilating the nation itself. The objectives of this plan is for the disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of the Oromo nation, and the destruction of personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and including the lives of the individuals belonging to the Oromo nation. It is the most extremist and aggressive fascist group that appeared in the Ethiopian empire.

Today, millions of Oromo families are exposed across Oromiyaa to hunger, starvation, famine and death that intentionally created by the fascist Tigrayan regime of Ethiopia. Under these conditions, millions of Oromo children have been perished and still perishing in their mothers’ arms while the mothers themselves lying dead carrying their children. Still, millions of mothers are crying for lack of food to feed their children. The following are the faces of Oromo families with their children under the genocide plan of the fascist Ethiopian regime. Here are some of the TPLF’s campaign methods for the extermination of Oromo people. Here what is clear is the TPLF/EPDM fascist regime has been and is waging war of extermination of Oromo families. Its policy is a policy of the extermination of mothers and children. It is implementing this family extermination policy as one method of reducing the Oromo population to a minority.

Millions of Oromo farmers have been forced en masse from their homes, lands, business and farmlands-their livelihood and exposed them to starvation and death. Millions of families have been and are living under the constant shadow of death and destruction. Millions have already perished. Here, look at a crying child for food at the arms of a dead mother. This is true to millions of Oromo families. Everybody starved. They started dying-first the children, then the old, the elderly, women and the rest.

Here, look at a dead child lack of food at the arms of mother, while the mother herself is awaiting death from the starvation created by the TPLF.

Not only this, the regime intentionally allowed toxic chemical into the air, the ponds, the lakes and rivers in Oromiyaa. This resulted in the death of millions of humans and wild animals.

The regime has also undertaken the burning down of Oromiyaa National Parks and many forests in Oromiyaa and as result millions of animals perished. This is the Bale National Park under flame of fire set on it by the fascist Tigrayan regime.

In full consciousness of the magnitude and gravity of the genocide against the Oromo people and the destruction of Oromiyaa by the Tigrayan fascist regime, I feel it is the duty and obligation of the Oromo political organizations to urgently and immediately unite to save their people from annihilation and their country from disintegration. Today, we have come to a situation that is threatening the Oromo very existence as a nation and Oromiyaa as an integral country. This is what will soon inevitably and imminently going to happen if we fail to stand up together and fight against the TPLF fascist regime that is committed and determined to make the annihilation of Oromo and the disintegration of Oromiyaa to happen. Oromiyaa is now standing between alive and ruin as a country. It is time for us to immediately act decisively taking extraordinary steps in fighting against both internal and external enemies. Every Oromo person, now has a decision to make. The decision to be made is this: Either you are with the Oromo people fighting for the independence of Oromiyaa or with the fascist Tigrayan regime and its collaborator-the OPDO for the genocide of Oromo and disintegration of Oromiyaa. It is no secret that the fascist TPLF regime has been and still is training Oromo traitors, in secret “re- education camps” including in the diaspora to serve its genocidal system and its genocidal regime.

The rational and sensible strategy is to unite all Oromo political organizations that can be united to save their people and country from the cruel and vicious fascist Tigrayan colonial regime of Ethiopia and its Oromo collaborators. Here, anti-Addis Ababa Integrated Master Plan is a powerful unifying force. Here, leaderships of political organizations have three choices: either to actively and enthusiastically march at the head of their people, organize them, arm them and lead them into the battle for national liberation, or choose to trail behind them, hoping for illusions of negotiating with the enemy to get some concession from it in order to join it, or choose to stand in their people’s way and oppose them altogether. Since 1999 to-date, however, all leaderships of Oromo political organizations have chosen to trail behind the Oromo people. Unity of the Oromo nationalist Organizations must be our priority.

The second crisis in the OLF: the formation of AFD as an anti-independence.

Formation of AFD (Alliance for Freedom and Democracy) in 2006 in the name of “Ethiopian democratization” was not a priority for the Oromo struggle. In 2006, in a sleepwalking the then Sh-Gumii organized AFD in the name of “Ethiopian democratization” that brought disaster to the OLF: rifts, splits and factions.

Signing of document in 2006 on the establishment of AFD for democratization of Ethiopia
Member of Alliance, Daawuud Ibsaa, Haasan Husseen, Shuguxe Gelata, Bultum Biyyoo
On March 9, 2006, question were posed to Daawuud Ibsaa in his interview with “Les nouvelles d’Addis.” The questions were: “Could OLF become a governmental party in Ethiopia? If it could which condition?” In response to this question Daawuud Ibsaa has to say this: “OLF has been trying to get the support of governments and international organizations to transform itself into a party….That did not happen in the last 14 years and OLF remains a front-against its will. The OLF wants to participate in the political process as a party or as a political organization.” Sooner than later, AFD collapsed because the Oromo people and nationalists rejected it.

The third crisis: the formation of PAFD as a platform for anti-independence
Having failed to learn from the formation of AFD, again in 2015, in another sleepwalking the same group formed PAFD (People’s Alliance for Freedom and Democracy). This time in the name of “federalization of Ethiopia” which is euphemism for Ethiopian empire unity. Again this is about to take the OLF into another catastrophe that this group seems again not to foresee.

Signing of document on the establishment of PAFD in 2015 accepting federalization of Ethiopia Bultum Biyyoo, Toleeraa Adabaa, Members of Alliance, Daawuud Ibsaa, Dhugaasaa Bakakkoo The group’s document states that “PAFD strives for a political change and for a just and genuinely representative transitional democratic political or-der in Ethiopia.”

Well, “The road to Hell”, as the saying goes, “is paved with the good intentions.” This may be true with the formation of AFD and PAFD. Both AFD and PAFD are one and the same. They are anti-independence of Oromiyaa. Both in their statements called “on… the current government of Ethiopia… to seize this opportunity and hold a comprehensive conference to resolve the existing dysfunctional political and social dilemmas confronting the Ethiopian Empire.” For the group, this may be a good intention. But it is a call for fascist regime that has been exterminating the Oromo people. This is the statement of an appeasement of the enemy.

The call upon “…the current government of Ethiopia…to seize this opportunity and hold a comprehensive conference …” is nothing but an attempt to polish the international image of the fascist genocidal Tigrean regime in order to join it; to appease it; to accommodate it. It is a sheer madness to appease the enemy. Here, what is to be clear is that the current “leadership” of the OLF has long been going totally in a wrong direction. It has embraced Ethiopian empire federalization and democratization and so it has long declared “Farewell independence; farewell Oromiyaa, farewell OLF; farewell forever.”

In response to this gravest physical danger, the Oromo people and the Oromo nationalist political organizations need a leadership; leadership that can strengthen their weak hands through concrete action-unity, organization and struggle. It is time to cast away illusions of negotiation with enemy and prepare oneself for armed struggle. For this, the Oromo people and the Oromo political organizations need a unified central leadership, a leadership with unwavering determination to restore independence to Oromiyaa. It must be understood that in this struggle, our goal is to establish sovereign, independent Democratic Republic of Oromiyaa. This demands the extermination, not just defeat, of the TPLF-the arch-enemy of the Oromo people. This must be its complete and lasting elimination. In a struggle, the Oromo people needs a leadership that follow the principle of self-reliance- relying on its people, its resource and its country. For new Oromiyaa to emerge from the ashes and humiliation of occupation and to embark on the new road back to its greatness and its independence, the unity of the Oromo nationalist organizations

is a must and a priority. Our priority must be to put our house in order before stepping outside of it. This means, we need unity, organization and struggle.

Today, the Oromo struggle has a leadership with trebling knees, the knees that bend before the external powers. It is a leadership that is led by the noise by the external political forces. This leadership is the most incompetent leadership to lead the Oromo struggle to independence. It is a leadership that lacks the will power to fight and to be in its country among its people. It is a passive, an inactive, an inert, and indecisive leadership to lead armed struggle. It is a divisive leadership. We should not look away from this crisis of leadership in the Oromo struggle. If we turn blind eyes from what we know to be true, Oromiyaa, the Oromo people, the OLF and the Oromo liberation struggle will suffer. We must immediately focus on what’s wrong with the leadership and fix it. Remember, leadership is about the people and the country. This diaspora based knee jerking and the foreign led by noise leadership must be replaced by the new Qubee generation in Oromiyaa in order to properly serve the country, people and the struggle for liberation much better.

In the end, I would like to say this: Oromiyaa is a colonized country. For this, the mission of our fallen patriots is to establish independent Democratic Republic of Oromiyaa. Hence, it is incumbent upon all of us, the living, before anything else to put this mission first; never quit it; never accept defeat and never abandon this mission. With these, so long as the rifles are on the shoulders of the Oromo freedom fighters, fighting in the cities, towns, villages, valleys, plains and mountains of Oromiyaa and so long as pens are in the hands of the Oromo nationalists and so long this struggle is led by a truly determined leadership of the Oromo people, the road to independence is truly open.

Oromia Shall Be Free!

Beekan Guluma Erena
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Beekan Guluma Erena

Beekan is writer, editor, researcher and Afaan Oromoo Instructor at Harvard University.
He wrote more than 30 books in Afaan Oromoo and editing many more Oromo books, magazines and articles. Currently, he writes on his site ( and on current issues of Oromo people, culture, education and politics in Oromo.
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