OPDO!-Rundaasaa Asheetee’n

OPDO!-Rundaasaa Asheetee’n

There are two important issues with which our minds need to be preoccupied. Moved as I am by the Oromo revolution of 2015 – 2016, I am almost unwilling to be facetious, but I would like to discuss with you on the following vital matters.

1. We all hate the OPDO because it is the enemy agent. We also know that the OPDO members, with an exception of few nationalist ones, have participated in the death, torture, rape, imprisonment of tens of thousands of Oromians. This being the case however, there those who emphasize certain positive values, even support the existence of the OPDO.

2. For the same reason mentioned above, tens of millions of Oromians wish to see the demise of the OPDO. They say, without the existence of the OPDO, the Tigreans would have never be able to perpetuate the inhuman crime upon the Oromo people for the past 25 years.

3. Though some of us feel that the world doesn’t understand our questions, it is only because of Oromians heroic battle against the occupying Tigre army why the empire is getting attention recently.

4. It is obvious that the united nations recognize a society after one controls a state apparatus.

5. While the United States government and others continued to recognize the Tigre tribe as the government of Ethiopia, they also see how this empire is dying from within, economically, politically and socially.

Here is the question.

a) Given the above facts, do you say that the OPDO need to disappear and let the Habashas implement the Darg era one party system and rule their empire for time being?
b) The OPDO should revive and continue serving the Tigre colonialists?

Remember! As of today, the OPDO agents function in very few areas of Oromia.

c) If the OPDO never represented the Oromo people, can it band with the Oromo society and strengthen the Oromo liberation movement?. If not, why bother helping it to survive? Why don’t we tempt the TPLF to get rid of the OPDO?

d) Isn’t the weakness of the enemy agent the foundation of our strength as a society? In other words, having the OPDO with us, can we ever be able to stand on our feet as a nation?

Now, we know that those who operate in denial and self-deception are trying to tell us that accepting the Tigre tribal rulers as legitimate government of Ethiopia as the best strategy to get us the freedom we dream of even when they know that TPLF’s political hallmark reflects the traits of past Habasha rulers. Having groups like this obviously makes it difficult for us to achieve lasting and stable progress towards to our liberation objective. So, what is your perspective on all this?

Whatever your argument might be, it worth to remember that our society lives in the middle of grief and disaster as children, men, women, old or young suffer from experiencing black Hittlers colonialist hate. How is it possible to have any sympathy for the enemy agents while we are hearing condolences from each other every day? Could the mother or a father whose child’s leg was cut off by the Agazi bullet accept the TPLF agent, the OPDO?

Tell us what you think?

Rundassa dha

Beekan Guluma Erena
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Beekan Guluma Erena

Beekan is writer, editor, researcher and Afaan Oromoo Instructor at Harvard University.
He wrote more than 30 books in Afaan Oromoo and editing many more Oromo books, magazines and articles. Currently, he writes on his site (beekanguluma.org) and gibetube.com on current issues of Oromo people, culture, education and politics in Oromo.
Beekan Guluma Erena
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One thought on “OPDO!-Rundaasaa Asheetee’n

  • April 10, 2016 at 3:54 am

    dinni keenyi cimaan akka kooti, waayyaneen abummaadhaan ha hoggantu malee, diini oromoo inni guddan, opdo dha.beekan namni alaa sitti dhufuu jalqabaa wardiyaa kee dubbisa hamas ta’uu gaarii, yoo hammatee waardiyanis faala itti barbada ta’uu banaan warri Abba qe’ees itti birmaatu. waaluma galaa maal siin jechuu barbadee kan diina nuti galchee nu dhansiisu diiqaloota wayanee opdo dha


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