Another round Tigre colonial metamorphoses

Another round Tigre colonial metamorphoses
By Rundassa Eshete Hunde
Although opposition to the Tigre minority rule has been rising since the TPLF came to power, the mafia group always survived by using the little leverage available to it. To avoid a chance of being removed from power, the TPLF changed it’s tactics and policies and thwarted the opposition groups wishes. Now the Oromo people have put so much pressure upon it, the TPLF wants to eliminate regional parties and create one Ethiopianist party. Once again, such a move reveals the determination of the mafia group to stay in power even if it has dissolve the puppet group it created. Of course, by dissolving it’s own puppet teams, the TPLF will appease the Amhara intellectuals who had been arguing saying that the spirit of the law by which Minilik’s empire must be governed must be a one party system.

For the past 25 years, the Tigre mafias preached that they follow a system that gave the so called regional parties the authority to self governing, when in fact the TPLF mafias had full governing authority over all regional administrations and made a wide range of legislative decisions in Oromia and else where in empire Ethiopia. By contrast, now the TPLF decreed to bring all regional governments under one Ethiopinist party like the Haile Silase and the Darg eras.

It is clear that under both forms of government, the TPLF has the authority to help it carry out the mission of Qadaamaawii Wayanee Harinet, i.e to make sure that the Habasha superiority over the Oromo and Ogadenia remain tact. Yes, the TPLF mafias may argue that their vision of organizing ethnic based regional government was intended to respect the rights of every ethnic group. Since the TPLF came to power however, more Oromias got killed and jailed, self expression is limited, poverty has increase by 100 fold, every policy put in place failed and collaboration between the TPLF and the OPDO ultimately died.

1) Although the relationship between the TPLF and the OPDO has been a hierarchical one from the beginning, OPDO’s refusal to eliminate those high ranking OPDO officials has exacerbated the conflict between the two teams. As a result, the TPLF now came up with new plan of merging all regional parties into one so that nationalist OPDO members will be eliminated in the process.

2) From economic front, the TPLF mafias fooled rich people and private banks. According to the news I have heard, the TPLF ordered all private banks to deposit their hard currency in TPLF controlled bank. Next, the TPLF told all business owners that they should deposit all the hard currency they have if they want part of the two hundred million dollars that the Mafia group said will soon receive from Saudi Arabia. Once every one deposited their monies into the Ethiopian commercial bank, the TPLF went silent. This shows that the much praised economic growth and prosperity has been false.

3) The deception of the mafia group don’t end there. For years, the TPLF has been making 789 million dollars profit from oil revenue even if Ethiopia produces no oil at all. The group simply sold imported gasoline to the public for a profit.

4. Typically, whenever public protest brakes against any government around the world, schools remain open. In TPLF ruled Oromia however, elementary, high school, colleges and universities remained closed and the TPLF is killing the entire generation of Oromia by closing educational institutions.

5. Starting from last week, the TPLF mafia is gathering elementary school children into jail. Obviously, the objective of the arrest can be to brain wash tens of thousands of jailed Oromians but it’s outcome can’t be any different from the past. In the past, the TPLF jailed tens of thousands of Oromo youth, shaved their heads off and preached to them its social democracy propaganda but the kids used the money the TPLF gave them and bought explosives and fought their enemy, the TPLF.

6. The Oromo people in general know that Tigreans superiority over the Oromo people is derived from a historical enmity that the Tigreans have for the Oromo people and they want to remove such things from Oromia.

7. Knowing where the TPLF is going with this merger proposal, the OPDO said to refuse to accept the merger.


If the TPLF can find enough defectors from the OPDO, then people such as Bakar Shaalee etc will join the new Ethiopianist party. However, if the OPDO members stick to each other for a long time, they may be able to create balance between the TPLF dominated party and the Oromo. Essentially then, the American government has to take over empire Ethiopia and rule it by using the ODF, Arbanyoch, G7 and other Amhara groupings.

Nonetheless, without commonality between the OPDO and the Tigre government incorporated from TPLF, ADM, Southern People and Ogadenia etc, businesses will not function properly, opportunities to find a job will become very difficult, the Habashas will not be able to exercising power over the Oromians even if all 11 million Amharas who live in Oromia are armed to their teeth. For this reason, the new party incorporated from the Tigre puppets cannot implement it’s policies in Oromia no matter what. It must be clear that the uniformity of the people in empire Ethiopia will never return back to the Darg era even if accepting the Ethiopian identity becomes a prerequisite.

When the TPLF puppets operated within their designated powers and limitations acting as representatives of their people, things have worked well for the TPLF like a welloiled machine. That time, women, pride and money were what mattered to the TPLF puppets. This time around however, saving oneself from prison has the highest importance to the OPDO. After all, the ultimate authority has been resting on the TPLF and the OPDO should appreciate the historic role it can play if it brakes it’s relationship with the mafia group. The OPDO members should not forget what the TPLF was talking about when it preached about good governance. Even if Oromia is ruled by the Agazii army today and in the future, the TPLF can’t distribute Oromia’s budgets to the Agazii army. It still needs a puppet that it will use to perform public works or build economic infrastructure.

In short, the OPDO gains nothing by re-establishing relationship with the TPLF mafia that always seeks greater authority in Oromia. As to the future of the empire, small business owners and taxpayers across the empire know that the TPLF is a mafia group. Economic competitiveness can not thrive in empire Ethiopia any more because a healthy economy starts with a principled government but the TPLF is not principled. Simply put, the TPLF is not transparent, simple, economically neutral, equitable, fair, complementary and reliable. In the absence of leveled playing field, people can’t see a reason why they have to work hard. Tigrai state didn’t outperformed Oromia because the Tigreans are smarter than the Oromians but it is because the TPLF took thousands of machineries, excavators, loaders, graders etc from Oromia to Tigrai over the past 2 decades.

The OPDO members can save themselves if they do not spend time debating with the TPLF on how Ethiopia would function under one party system. Only standing firm against the TPLF can provide the OPDO the opportunity to stay out of prison.

Beekan Guluma Erena
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Beekan Guluma Erena

Beekan is writer, editor, researcher and Afaan Oromoo Instructor at Harvard University.
He wrote more than 30 books in Afaan Oromoo and editing many more Oromo books, magazines and articles. Currently, he writes on his site ( and on current issues of Oromo people, culture, education and politics in Oromo.
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